Rich N****z – J. Cole: Song of the Day 8/11

He may now be able to experience the finer things in life but there was once a day when J. Cole had no means to that car in his driveway in front of his mansion. Despite becoming a millionaire, Cole still has animosity towards those who grew up with green in there pockets. That is why he can’t stand “Rich N****z”.

One of the more poignant tracks on Born Sinner, “Rich N****z” is all about the words Cole shoots at those who grew up where the grass was greener. He leaves no rock unturned when criticizing their lavish upbringings while Cole struggled to make it big. In the end Cole made it to the promise land but he will always remember those “Rich N****z” who pushed him to be better than them.

Listen to “Rich N****z” below.


New York Times – J. Cole (feat. 50 Cent & Bas): Song of the Day 7/27

It is the city of dreams filled with people originally from a different place at a different time. New York City has been the origin and the surrogate home to numerous rappers including J. Cole. He may hale from North Carolina but it was his “New York Times” that gave Cole his starts in the game.

Included on Truly Yours 3, the bonus CD within Born Sinner, “New York Times” is all about the love-hate relationship Cole has gained from his time spent in the Big Apple. Next to NY natives 50 Cent and Bas, Cole explains how New York can be a gift and a curse. One minute there is good news about Cole’s gold records in the “New York Times” but then the next there are headlines of murder, robbery and scandal.

Listen to “New York Times” below.

Winter Schemes – J. Cole & Wale: Song of the Day 7/8

Within the last few weeks, both J. Cole and Wale have made a statement on the charts. Cole battled Kanye for the top spot with Born Sinner and Wale grabbed the #1 slot with The Gifted the very next week. But these two are never satisfied. When most would be soaking in their accomplishments, Cole and Wale are putting out new music with “Winter Schemes”.

With production from Jake One, Cole and Wale give away a freebie in “Winter Schemes” to all the fans who supported their albums. While “Winter Schemes” is a celebration of both Born Sinner and The Gifted, both MC’s look towards the future on this joint. Most notably, Cole hints at releasing The Warm Up 2, the sequel to his critically acclaimed mixtape.

Listen to “Winter Schemes” below.

Let Nas Down (Remix) – Nas (feat. J. Cole): Song of the Day 6/23

Despite his success of his first album and breaking through with the hit single “Work Out”, J. Cole was not satisfied with his effort after he found out he had disappointed Nas with the radio-freindly track. This story is chronicled in Cole’s track “Let Nas Down” off his recently released album Born Sinner. After a listen to the entire album, it seems Nas’s opinion has made a complete 180.

After being overwhelmingly impressed with Born Sinner and the original version of “Let Nas Down”, Nas decide to hop on the track and give a dedication to the MC he named the next big thing. Offering up his praise, Nas spits about his own journey in the game and how proud J. Cole has made him. It seems as though the torch has now been passed.

Listen to “Let Nas Down (Remix)” below.

Let Nas Down – J. Cole: Song of the Day 6/15

There hasn’t been a day in rap like June 18 will be in a long time. Kanye West, J. Cole, and Mac Miller will all be releasing albums with huge anticipation and tracks which has already garnered a huge following. For Cole that track is “Let Nas Down” and it is today’s Song of the Day.

Chronicling the release of Cole’s first mega-single “Work Out” and Nas’ negitive response to the track, “Let Nas Down” is a confession to the world from Cole. Although the track turned out to be a smash, Nas was let down when he heard “Work Out”, feeling that Cole took a step backward trying to appeal to the radio. Introspective and eye opening are just two adjectives which can be applied to “Let Nas Down”, a track which will not disappoint fans come Tuesday.

Listen to “Let Nas Down” below.

Crooked Smile – J. Cole (feat. TLC): Song of the Day 6/4

Right from the jump, J. Cole was judge based on his looked. This bushy-eyebrowed, crooked-toothed rapper couldn’t be any good could he? And even if he could spit, there is no way the fans will follow him especially the ladies. Well, despite Cole’s “Crooked Smile” he has become a star.

Born Sinner‘s version of “Nobody’s Perfect”, “Crooked Smile” is Cole’s anthem about accepting yourself and everyone else for who they are and shrugging off the haters who are quick to judge. For the hook, Cole brought in the two living members of TLC, T-Boz and Chilli, who’s voices bring back memories of when the group ruled the airwaves with empowering hits for women. Cole could not have picked a better group to assist him for this joint.

Cole has faced some tough times on his way to the top, but now that he has reached the peak he is not shy about showing off his “Crooked Smile” just to remind everyone of the struggle.

Listen to “Crooked Smile” below.

N***az Know – J. Cole: Song of the Day 5/31

His music has been critically acclaimed and he has gained a loyal following. Despite this, J. Cole did not see the sale he expected after releasing his first album. Although sales is not Cole’s ultimate goal, it is still an important factor. This is why this time around his is going to make sure these “N***az Know”.

The third single from his upcoming album Born Sinner, “N***az Know” is yet another lyrical adventure from Cole. With multiple Biggie and Pac references, Cole examines his struggle while making a vow to himself to make sure everyone knows exactly how far he has come. And if “N***az Know” is an example, Cole World has come a long way.

Listen to “N***az Know” below.