F**k You Mean – Meek Mill (feat. Lil Boosie): Song of the Day 10/22

He was in the midst of promoting his upcoming album and then he violated his parole. Since that time Meek Mill has been patiently waiting in a jail cell and the moment he was released yesterday he got right back to where he left off by dropping “F**k You Mean”.

Both a celebration of his freedom and a thank you to his fans who’ve supported him through his lockup, “F**k You Mean” is the perfect welcome back track for Meek Mill. Joining Meek is Lil Boosie who was also released from prison recently and both of these MC’s show a palpable renewed energy on “F**k You Mean”.

Listen to “F**k You Mean” below.


She Don’t Know – Meek Mill (feat. Ty Dolla $ign): Song of the Day 9/7

After a surprise visit yesterday, Meek Mill is making it two days in a row with a brand new leak. This time around he is going after the clubs all the way from the penitentiary with “She Don’t Know”.

While the overall production still seems a little rough around the edges, “She Don’t Know” has all the makings of a hit for Meek Mill. Between the DJ Mustard beat and a hot chorus from Ty Dolla $ign, both of which have been in high demand this year, “She Don’t Know” was ready to success even before Meek laid down his dope bars to go along with it.

Listen to “She Don’t Know” below.

I Like It – Meek Mill (feat. Mac Miller): Song of the Day 9/6

Meek Mill‘s tenacity is on display today as it seems not even iron bars can stop him from releasing new music. Still in the midst of his prison sentence, Mill has managed to give his listeners some new bars in the form of “I Like It”.

A possible addition to Meek’s upcoming album Dreams Worth More Than Money, “I Like It” brings back the still unexpected collaboration of Meek and Mac Miller. Previously united on the “House Party (Remix)”, these two rappers with completely different styles surprisingly show that opposites do attract even in the rap game.

Listen to “I Like It” below.


I’ll Be There – Tory Lanez (feat. Meek Mill & French Montana): Song of the Day 6/14

Keeping with his underground success, Tory Lanez has not worked with many other big names in the business. This has not stymied his rise but now that he is looking to take the next step he is bringing in the starts for his brand new release.

The latest Fargo Fridays release, “I’ll Be There” is to date the track which screams mainstream success the most so far in Lanez’s career. Meek Mill and French Montana join Lanez on the track but it is the Toronto MC who takes claim to the thrones on “I’ll Be There”.

Listen to “I’ll Be There” below.

0 to 100 (Freestyle) – Meek Mill: Song of the Day 6/12

When Drake dropped “0 to 100” it had to be expected that numerous other MC would be jumping on this beat. Well G-Unit got things started with their own remix and now Meek Mill has stopped in to give his own special “0 to 100 (Freestyle)”.

With him being in preparation to release his sophomore album Dreams Worth More Than Money, it comes as no surprise that Meek Mill is hoping on one of the hottest beats out right now to hype up his own project. While it is safe to say that not even G-Unit could top the original version, Meek certainly fits right in on this “0 to 100 (Freestyle)”.

Listen to “0 to 100” below.

I Want The Love – Puff Daddy (feat. Meek Mill): Song of the Day 6/9

He has gained a serious number of fans in his illustrious career but Puff Daddy has certainly earned his fair share of haters. Now that he is not the young man he once was Diddy is done with all the animosity and simply is yearning for acceptance on “I Want The Love”.

While “I Want The Love” has been floating around for days now, the official version was finally dropped today. The second single off Puff’s upcoming album MMM, “I Want The Love” features Meek Mill and his flow has really rubbed off on Diddy as aggressiveness flows through this track from start to finish.

Listen to “I Want The Love” below.

I Don’t Know – Meek Mill: Song of the Day 5/26

Despite him making it out of the hood and becoming one of the biggest names in the hip-hop community today, Meek Mill still has to deal with naysayers and haters. But as Meek’s newest release details, he doesn’t understand why they don’t get the message or realize that they are messing with the wrong man.

The first official single from Mill’s upcoming sophomore album Dreams Worth More Than Money, “I Don’t’ Know” shows that he is searching for the answer as to why people keep on testing him. Paloma Ford provides the chorus despite being uncredited and Meek lets loose giving his competition a track to really take in.

Listen to “I Don’t Know” below.