Black & White (Remix) – Rick Ross (feat. Killer Mike, Gunplay, Stalley): Song of the Day 9/5

Now in between projects, Rick Ross has been reaching deep into Mastermind for some remix material. Like he did with “Supreme”, Rozay revisits “Black & White” for the revamped remix.

WIth brand new features from Killer Mike, Gunplay and Stalley, the “Black & White (Remix)” has certainly been bolstered. Ross even switched up his own contribution to the track with content dedicated to Ferguson and the late Mike Brown.

Listen to “Black & White (Remix)” below.



Supreme (Remix) – Rick Ross (feat. Fabolous, Big K.R.I.T. & Ma$e): Song of the Day 8/12

Other than a few guest verses, the normally busy Rick Ross has been quiet of late. He decided to end the silence though with some new material as he returns to his last album, Mastermind, to give “Supreme” the remix treatment.

The uptempo feel good vibes were already high on the original version of “Supreme” which Ross took on alone, but with the new additions to the “Supreme (Remix)” it really becomes a track to bump. Fabolous, Big K.R.I.T. and Ma$e join Rozay to not only flaunt their style but their “Supreme” lady as well.

Listen to “Supreme (Remix)” below.

In Vein – Rick Ross (feat. The Weeknd): Song of the Day 3/15

After making three critically acclaimed mixtapes with minimal guest appearances, The Weeknd has become the guy who everyone wants on their albums. The latest addition to this group is Rick Ross as he brings in the XO crooner for “In Vein” off his most recent album, Mastermind.

With the success Rick Ross and The Weeknd have had in the individual careers it is no surprise that they are living it up. That is why Rozay dedicates “In Vein” to their celebrations and their dedication to getting tipsy everyday and every night.

Listen to “In Vein” below.


Sanctified – Rick Ross (feat. Big Sean & Kanye West): Song of the Day 3/8

There have been big singles off of Mastermind  and huge features already but when Rick Ross dropped off his most recent project there was only one track everyone was buzzing about. The beat, the features, the sample, it is all there on “Sanctified”.

Featuring a recreated verse from Betty Wright, “Sanctified” my start off as a sermon but really goes in once Kanye West’s production drops. Yeezus also drops a tight verse for “Sanctified” to join Big Sean’s chorus and Rick Ross himself who caps of the track with a verse fit for a boss.

Listen to “Sanctified” below.


Nobody – Rick Ross (feat. French Montana): Song of the Day 2/19

In the rap game becoming a star may not be an easy task but as many have shown it is completely possible. However, there is something about what happens to MC’s popularity when they are taken from this earth too soon. As Rick Ross proclaims, it seems like you are “Nobody” until you are six feet under.

The latest leak from Rozay’s upcoming project Mastermind, “Nobody” is fittingly produced by Diddy who has first hand experience with how an artist’s fame can increase even after their death because of his relationship with the late Notorious B.I.G. French Montana handles the hook on “Nobody” which may prove to be one of the more thought provoking tracks off Mastermind.

Listen to “Nobody” below.

War Ready – Rick Ross (feat. Young Jeezy): Song of the Day 2/8

It is hard to find a rapper who goes as hard as often as Rick Ross does. Every album Rozay seems to have a plethora of bangers for the streets and for Mastermind the same is expected especially after the release of “War Ready”.

The track which will be available if you pre-order Mastermind, “War Ready” is an extended joint produced by Mike Will Made It which will have any trunk shaking. Setting aside their previous beef, Young Jeezy joins Rick Ross on “War Ready” to bring together two of the streets most loyal riders.

Listen to “War Ready” below.




Oyster Perpetual – Rick Ross: Song of the Day 2/5

Rick Ross has always been one of the flyest MC. Whether it be cars, clothes or jewelry, Rozay has always flaunted the top notch. Now he is showing of his favorite Rolex watch on “Oyster Perpetual”.

Serving as a teaser freestyle despite the original production, “Oyster Perpetual” may come in as just under two minutes in length but Ross brings the smooth flow to this joint. Much is still up in the air about what is to be expected from Mastermind but if “Oyster Perpetual” is any clue it should be more fire from Ricky.

Listen to “Oyster Perpetual” below.