Songs On 12 Play – Chris Brown (feat. Trey Songz): Song of the Day 9/25

When it comes to young R&B artists, they all seem to have one thing in common. They were influenced by R. Kelly. This included both Chris Brown and Trey Songz who decided to show their admiration for Kells with a few “Songs On 12 Play”.

With them heading out on tour very soon, expect to be hearing quite a lot of “Songs On 12 Play” in the near future. Melding titles of some of Kelly’s most famous hits into the lyrics, Breezy and Trigga put together a slow jam of which the master of the bedroom ballad would be proud.

Listen to “Songs On 12 Play” below.


Autumn Leaves – Chris Brown (feat. Kendrick Lamar): Song of the Day 9/22

Between his personal controversies and his multiple musical styles, its always difficult to predict which direction Chris Brown will take in any aspect of his life. This is easily seen on arguably the most anticipated track from X, “Autumn Leaves”, which certainly takes a different route than expected with this heavyweight collaboration.

With the talents of Breezy and Kendrick Lamar on the same track, there are a plethora of musical opportunities the duo could have explored. However, when the world learned these two were teaming up on “Autumn Leaves” few could have expected this somber relationship-themed roller coaster which will dive deeper than Brown has in years.

Listen to “Autumn Leaves” below.

Drunk Texting – Chris Brown (feat. Jhene Aiko): Song of the Day 9/19

When to drinks are flowing everything is usually good until the phones are pulled out. Chris Brown seems to know the repercussions of “Drunk Texting” his former girl but not enough to not make a song about it.

One of the most highly anticipated tracks from Breezy’s newly released album X, “Drunk Texting” is quite the massive duet. Brown is joined by Jhene Aiko who sings right along with Breezy instead of taking the verse for verse approach which make “Drunk Texting” unique to album.

Listen to “Drunk Texting” below.

X – Chris Brown: Song of the Day 8/22

He started his career as a young kid in the R&B game. Then he added rapping to his arsenal and then Chris Brown even dabbled in EDM. Now ready to release his sixth album, he is bringing it all together on “X”.

The title track from the heavily delayed project, “X” starts out as a smooth R&B ballad but turns into so much more mid-way through. Breezy turns the joint on its head and turns out the EDM to make “X” an boisterous break up jam which will have the clubs jumping.

Listen to “X” below.

New Flame – Chris Brown (feat. Usher & Rick Ross): Song of the Day 7/4

With his public reemergence during the BET Awards getting tons of hype, it might be the time that Chris Brown finally goes on a run again. To start things off, Breezy has brought back “New Flame” with an all new guest verse to really boost the lineup.

Originally released months ago, this version of “New Flame” will not offer much to fans who heard the track when it first dropped. However, for those who missed its premiere, this updated version will turn heads with Usher and Rick Ross rounding out this Breezy comeback track.

Listen to “New Flame” below.

Loyal – Chris Brown (feat. Lil Wayne & Tyga): Song of the Day 3/24

Maybe it the third time is the charm for “Loyal”. The fourth single from Chris Brown‘s upcoming album X has already been played around with twice but now with the music video dropping the track has a brand new version for the fans.

Most likely the version which will appear on the album, “Loyal” now has ditched verses from French Montana and Too $hort and replaced them with Breezy’s longtime collaborator Tyga. Lil Wayne and Brown’s parts remain the same as the previous two releases but Tyga fits the mold for “Loyal” much better than his predecessors.

Watch the official video for “Loyal” below.

New Flame – Chris Brown (feat. Rick Ross): Song of the Day 3/6

He may have just been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and is still on probation and in therapy but it looks like Chris Brown is on his strongest push towards releasing his heavily delayed album, X. Yesterday Breezy offered up the album’s most recent leak as he sparks a “New Flame” into his career.

Ditching rap but sticking to the more pop style of production, Brown tries to start something brand new with this previously unknown lady on “New Flame”. Rick Ross joins Chris on this bouncy track as Rozay continues to find a way to seemingly be featured on every hot artist’s work.

Listen to “New Flame” below.