Let Me Thru – T-Pain (feat. Lil Wayne): Song of the Day 12/18

As a combo, T-Pain and Lil Wayne created some of the most massive hits of the last decade. Between “Can’t Believe It” and “Got Money” these two stirred up the possibility of a joint album. While that never happened, T-Wayne is back with “Let Me Thru”.

The next submission to the T-Pain comeback train, “Let Me Thru” rekindles the flame between these two hip-hop veterans. And while they have not collaborated nearly as much in the past few years, “Let Me Thru” shows that their hiatus has not effected T-Wayne’s chemistry.

Listen to “Let Me Thru” below.


Deliver – Lupe Fiasco: Song of the Day 11/11

You may take the man out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of the man. That statement certainly applies to Lupe Fiasco who’s made his living on social conscious and poignant tracks about the neighborhoods he grew up in. That continues on his latest track, “Deliver”.

Providing yet another step forward to the release Tetsuo & Youth, “Deliver” may just be one of Lupe’s most creative tracks to date. Using a pizza man’s delivery route to explain the pain and suffering of the ghetto, “Deliver” is a song few others could pull off but that is what makes Lupe so special.

Listen to “Deliver” below.

Big Body Benz – G-Unit: Song of the Day 11/9

While their spree of hot remixes and brand new material has slowed down since their comeback occured, G-Unit is still pumping out tracks. The newest, “Big Body Benz”, comes as a bonus track off the physical release of The Beauty of Independence.

Featuring only three members of the now five member Unit, “Big Body Benz” is a departure from the norm for the group. With a relaxed flow not normally heard from 50, Banks and Kidd Kidd one would to expect some dissonance but then this the Unit we are talking about so “Big Body Benz” succeeds just like the rest.

Listen to “Big Body Benz” below.

Link Up – Young Jeezy (feat. Beenie Man & Ty Dolla $ign): Song of the Day 11/8

He had been hard at work putting out Seen It All but there is no rest for Young Jeezy once he gets going. That why only weeks after putting out his latest album he’s released more new material in the form of “Link Up”.

To be found on Baby Yu’s upcoming collaborative mixtape, “Link Up” bring together a wide range of musical talent. Between Young Jeezy, Beenie Man and Ty Dolla $ign, there are all sorts of interesting vibes flowing through “Link Up” which will surely be a highlight on The Rebirth.

Listen to “Link Up” below.

Often (Remix) – The Weeknd (feat. ScHoolboy Q & Rick Ross): Song of the Day 10/15

From his mixtapes to Kiss Land, The Weeknd has generally stayed away from bringing collaborators on his music. But as his own guest visits have increased it is only expected that some big names start making appearances on his own tracks like the brand new “Often (Remix)”.

Between his first two albums, the only two verses provided by someone other than The Weeknd were Drake and Juicy J. So to say “Often (Remix)” is different than any other track by the Toronto-native is an understatement. Both ScHoolboy Q and Rick Ross team up with The Weeknd to make this late night special even hotter and possibly set a trend for more Weeknd tracks.

Listen to “Often (Remix)” below.

Keep Doin That (Rich B***h) – Rick Ross (feat. R. Kelly): Song of the Day 10/7

When you are a Hood Billionaire, there are a few perks. Being associated with the king of R&B is one of them. Another is working with him as Rick Ross did for his brand new single, “Keep Doin That (Rich B***h)”.

Highlighting all the things which makes his girl desirable by all, “Keep Doin That (Rich B***h)” brings back the classy Rick Ross. With a contribution from R. Kelly which unsurprisingly outshines Rozay, “Keep Doin That” is definitely the track which will start getting Ross’ latest project out to the masses.

Listen to “Keep Doin That (Rich B***h)” below.

Awkward – Eric Bellinger (feat. The Game): Song of the Day 10/1

They had a good thing but now Eric Bellinger and his girl have gone separate ways. Well, at least Bellinger thought so. Instead of letting go, this chick keeps clinging on to what was and is making things really “Awkward” for everyone.

The finale of Bellinger’s brand new, breakthrough mixtape Choose Up Season, “Awkward” follows the actions of the R&B young star’s ex who is still all up in his business. Featuring a verse from The Game, “Awkward” brings the west coast out of everyone for this unique standout.

Listen to “Awkward” below.