Girls On Drugs – Wale: Song of the Day 12/30

There are too many to list but every drug severs a purpose, whether it be good or bad. Wale had seen this first-hand with himself and now more and more with the ladies he’s associating with as hear on “Girls On Drugs”.

Providing an explanation for why women are turning to things like adderall and cocaine to hide their emotional scars, “Girls On Drugs” is a non-judgmental look at the inner workings of drug use in females. And while he certainly understands the downside of this pill popping world, Wale can’t seem to escape associating himself with these “Girls On Drugs” because they give him his own sort of high.

Listen to “Girls On Drugs” below.


hollywooddreams – Miguel: Song of the Day 12/29

With all its bright lights and pretty faces, Hollywood surely seems like an ideal place to be. But this land of glitz and glamour is known for being a fickle friend just as Miguel‘s girl found out as it destroyed her “hollywooddreams”.

The middle track from Miguel’s three track EP NWA.HollywoodDreams.Coffee, “hollywooddreams” certainly sounds like ode to the city if not listening closely. But as Miguel dives deeper into the track, the tale quickly turns dark with Miguel’s lady sells herself short to try and make her “hollywooddreams” come true.

Listen to “hollywooddreams” below.

Favorite – Nicki Minaj (feat. Jeremih): Song of the Day 12/28

While The Pinkprint is clearly the most personal and emotional album Nicki Minaj has ever released, she still knows how to pump out radio-ready tracks. A possible single down the road, “Favorite” brings out the feel good hit-maker in Minaj.

While relatively simplistic compared to many of the other tracks on Minaj’s third album, “Favorite” provides a much needed gap between the plethora of deep tracks. Jeremih joins Minaj on “Favorite” for one of his two features on the album but it is Nicki’s versatility which makes this joint a must listen.

Listen to “Favorite” below.

Cinnamon Apple – Fabolous (feat. Kevin Hart): Song of the Day 12/27

Just as J. Cole did with his return to his first sexual encounter on “Wet Dreamz”, Fabolous is bringing his listeners back to his adolescent love life. But unlike Cole’s excitement, Fabolous describes his sadness during a devastating breakup with his “Cinnamon Apple”.

Bringing us all back to what it was like to be in a relationship during the early 90’s, Fabolous gets his storytelling on during “Cinnamon Apple”. And while the Kevin Hart sample to close the track brings some humor to the track, Fabolous’ account of his failed relationship will certainly remind listers of teenage heartbreak.

Listen to “Cinnamon Apple” below.

7/11 (Remix) – Beyonce (feat. French Montana): Song of the Day 12/26

She has been busy all year round releasing songs and music video all while touring around the world. So even though it’s Christmas time, Beyonce is still hard at work releasing another brand new track, the “7/11 (Remix)”.

Taking the original version which was featured on the Platinum Edition of Beyonce and giving it a Christmas twist, the “7/11 (Remix)” is certainly experimental. That includes a very unexpected feature from French Montana who has now reached the highest peak of his career thus far by appearing on a Beyonce track.

Listen to “7/11 (Remix)” below.

She Wildin’ – Fabolous (feat. Chris Brown): Song of the Day 12/25

A few weeks ago Eric Bellinger decided to put a twist on the classic hit “Oochie Wally”. Now right on his heels is Fabolous who is also trying his hand at Nas’ single with his own new track, “She Wildin'”.

The party anthem from Fabolous’ Christmas-released album The Young OG Project, “She Wildin'” brings back Chris Brown to join Fab as the perfect artist to handle the track’s chorus. But make no mistake, Fabolous is rarely out-shined on his own songs and “She Wildin'” is no different this time around.

Listen to “She Wildin'” below.

The Deep End – Wale (feat. Pusha T): Song of the Day 12/24

Between his own disappointment and the overall displeasure with his last album The Gifted, Wale knew he needed to return to his roots. He needed to return to lyricisim. And to do that Wale brought it Pusha T to jump off “The Deep End”.

Off his Seinfeld-inspired mixtape Festivus, “The Deep End” brings Wale back to the days before his signing with MMG. And while joining Rick Ross’ label has certainly had it’s advantages, “The Deep End” reminds listeners that old school Wale might just be the best Wale.

Listen to “The Deep End” below.