Not For Long – B.o.B (feat. Trey Songz): Song of the Day 10/13

He took it to the hood with his last album and while B.o.B put together some certifiable bangers, he had the poorest album sales of his career. Now he is returning to the form from his first two projects on his brand new single “Not For Long” with hopes of returning to prominence.

Much more similar to tracks like “Airplanes” and “Nothing On You” which made Bobby Ray a household name, “Not For Long” combines B.o.B rapping skills with his pop sensibility. Trey Songz joins the ATL rapper and provides the hook for this radio-ready hit which may still be under the radar but “Not For Long”.

Listen to “Not For Long” below.


Drunk AF – B.o.B (feat. Ty Dolla $ign): Song of the Day 7/12

He may pride himself on not being strapped down by a single genre, but deep down B.o.B is hip-hop through and through. That is why even though his new mixtape No Genre 2 may continue to show Bobby Ray’s versatility, tracks like “Drunk AF” are truly his comfort zone.

While “Drunk AF” is one of the highlights from B.o.B’s most recently work, it is not him but Ty Dolla $ign who owns this joint. Not only does $ign provide another hot guest verse to the plethora he’s put out lately, he also produced “Drunk AF”. B.o.B is certainly the benefactor on this banger.

Watch the official video for  “Drunk AF” below.

Up Down (Remix) – T-Pain (feat. B.o.B, Kid Ink & Lil Boosie): Song of the Day 5/17

He had everyone including Rihanna moving it on the dace floor with the original version of “Up Down”. Now T-Pain has returned with the highly anticipated remix of his biggest hit in years to get everyone going “Up Down” once again.

With a brand new beat and a group of big name collaborators, the “Up Down (Remix)” certainly satisfies after being hyped for weeks. T-Pain produces his own brand new material while three huge names — B.o.B, Kid Ink and Lil Boosie — supply hot verses which will have the “Up Down (Remix)” on repeat.

Listen to “Up Down (Remix)” below.

Paranoid – Ty Dolla $ign (feat. B.o.B): Song of the Day 4/20

When you are a guy like Ty Dolla $ign and are able to manage to date two women without them knowing, everything seems amazing. However, once they become aware of each other things can get really interesting and that is why Dolla $ign is just so “Paranoid”.

His breakthrough hit off of his debut EP, Beach House, “Paranoid” showcases Ty’s rapping and singing skills while implementing a simplistic yet infectious beat. B.o.B provides the star feature for “Paranoid” but it is Dolla $ign’s unique style which has set this track on fire.

Watch the official music video for “Paranoid” below.



High as Hell – B.o.B (feat. Wiz Khalifa): Song of the Day 4/1

He has had hit ballads, pop tracks, and inspirational raps but B.o.B has never shied away from a good time. That is why he is not bashful about letting everyone know that he is “High as Hell”.

After recently releasing his third album, it is hard to believe that “High as Hell” will be attached to another album but maybe there is a mixtape in the future. The track features notorious smokers Wiz Khalifa who joins in on the festivities on what will be a welcome track to anyone who participates in 4/20.

Listen to “High as Hell” below.

Mama Said – Diggy (feat. B.o.B & Key Wane): Song of the Day 12/23

With a father like Rev Run, it is hard not to not compare Diggy to his legendary father. Already one album deep, Diggy has shown he has skill and an opportunity to make his own impression. However, it was not until his latest release, “Mama Said”, that Diggy made the biggest separation from Rev.

The first released from Diggy’s upcoming sophomore project, “Mama Said” may have collaborations with B.o.B and Key Wane but the track has gained the most attention for Diggy’s foul language. Even though for most artists gaining the explicit content label is not newsworthy, because of his father’s allegiance God and him making it through his career without a bleep, Diggy’s lyrics on “Mama Said” are a big deal.

Listen to “Mama Said” below.

Paper Route – B.o.B: Song of the Day 12/18

Now on his third album, B.o.B has always taken the time to share his opinion on a host of issues spanning from politics to women. While he may disagree with much of what is happening in the world today, B.o.B will not stop grinding on his “Paper Route”.

The next track off Underground Luxery to get the visual treatment, “Paper Route” is the most socially conscious and politically conscious track off Bobby Ray’s full length. Technology, shoes, and the government are all touched on by B.o.B who has not lost his touch on being able to speak about many different issues. This “Paper Route” is more developed than any fueled by a bicycle.

Watch the official video for “Paper Route” below.