All the Way – R. Kelly (feat. Kelly Rowland): Song of the Day 4/19

Being bashful has never been a strong suit of R. Kelly. When ever the R&B legend wants something he is sure to speak his mind. And tonight it seems that he wants to go “All the Way” with Kelly Rowland.

One of the few true ballads off Black Panties, “All the Way” is obviously a perfect fit for R. Kelly who has made his fortune on tracks like this. However, it is Kelly Rowland who shines on “All the Way” as she continues to boost her status after being overshadowed for years by Beyonce.

Listen to “All the Way” below.




Let Me Love You – Pusha T (feat. Kelly Rowland): Song of the Day 10/6

While Pusha T may be one of the toughest, grittiest rappers of today, even he has somewhat of a softer side. While he may be more comfortable on tracks like “King Push” and Nosetalgia”, Push can put a track together to drive the ladies crazy. “Let Me Love You” is that track for T’s upcoming album My Name Is My Name.

While paying homage to Ma$e with a flow which may make listeners think they are listening to the Bad Boy MC, Push teams up with his main chick Kelly Rowland on “Let Me Love You”. Speculatively, The-Dream provides the head-bobbing production for Kelly’s inciting chorus and Push’s utterly effortless bars. While he may be more suited for shadows of rap, “Let Me Love You” proves that T can come to the light and still do his thing.

Listen to “Let Me Love You” below.

Stand In Front of Me – Kelly Rowland: Song of the Day 8/16

Since ditching the group and going single, Kelly Rowland has experimented with many different styles of music. She has become more explicit and become a staple in the dance community but she also knows how to take it back a few decades. With the help of Pharrell, Ms. Kelly brings the doo-wop with “Stand In Front of Me”.

A standout track from Talk a Good Game, “Stand In Front of Me” is a bold direction for Kelly, It is much harder than it seems to capture the essence of decades past but “Stand In Front of Me” does this completely while still combining Rowland’s sexuality. This may not be her most popular style but “Stand In Front of Me” is a beautiful sound for sore ears.

Listen to “Stand In Front of Me” below.

Dirty Laundry – Kelly Rowland: Song of the Day 6/18

They were the female group of the century but undoubtably led by one superstar. Destiny’s Child was riding high, pumping out hit after hit, then all of a sudden it was over. The girls all went their separate ways and Beyonce took over as a solo artist. Kelly Rowland found the solo route much more difficult, however. This is why as she reaches her peak, it is time for her to dish out her “Dirty Laundry”.

The second single from his newly-released album Talk a Good Game, “Dirty Laundry” reveals a striped down Kelly who opens up about the troubles in her life after Destiny’s Child’s dispatching. Penned by The-Dream, “Dirty Laundry” talks about Ms. Kelly’s jealously and envy towards her bandmate’s success and how she had to work through an abusive relationship. Undoubtably emotional and bold, “Dirty Laundry” may be Kelly’s crowning achievement to date.

Listen to “Dirty Laundry” below.

Kisses Down Low – Kelly Rowland: Song of the Day 1/22

Everyone one has their sensitive spot. Whether it be the neck, lips, or any other spot on the human body, their is always one which will set you off. For Kelly Rowland, it seems she has discovered her spot and she like her “Kisses Down Low”.

The second single from her upcoming album Year of the Woman, “Kisses Down Low” continues this Destiny’s Child run of sexually-charged singles. Over production by Mike Will Made It, Rowland teases the ears of men while she describes just how she likes her “Kisses”. Placement is the key and on this single, Ms. Kelly is opening the lock.

Listen to “Kisses Down Low” below.

Representin (Remix) – Ludacris (feat. R. Kelly & Fabolous): Song of the Day 1/4

Keeping it sensual and seductive with Kelly Rowland on the original version of “Representin”, Ludacris decided to bring in the fellas for the official remix of his hit single. As R. Kelly beautifully sings, “I made love to the original, but the remix, I just wanna f**k to the remix.” This one is definitely for the men.

Instead of the women “Representin”, Ludacris shows out on this remix along side Fabolous and R. Kelly. Both Luda and Fab offer us solid verses. However, the star of the show on this joint is Kells. This dirty, explicit side of Kells is seldom heard from since he has gone back in time on his last two album. Both his chorus and verse are a reminder to all just how R. Kelly can get down.

Listen to “Representin (Remix)” below.

Representin – Ludacris (feat. Kelly Rowland): Song of the Day 10/11

That special someone has seemingly come into Lucacris‘s life. This girl drives him crazy and has him saying lines like “you gun learn today”. This chick is “Representin” for the entire female race.

The second single from Luda’s upcoming album Ludaversal, “Representin” slows it down and oozes sexuality. Luda’s flow is top notch and glides over the beat. Kelly Rowland makes a quick reappearance on Musical Breakdown with yet another feature. Her voice on “Representin” rivals the sensuality found on her hit single “Motivation”.

Listen to “Representin” below.