2 F**ks – Hustle Gang (feat. T.I., Chip, B.o.B, Travi$ Scott & Trae Tha Truth): Song of the Day 5/7

There are things in life that deserve a person’s complete attention. They are meaningful and important. They serve a purpose. But there are also moments, situations, and people who do not deserve the time of day. Hustle Gang doesn’t give “2 F**ks” about those that don’t matter.

One of the highlights from the collaboration mixtape G.D.O.D. released by T.I.’s Hustle Gang Crew, “2 F**ks” brings in some of the top names in the group. Alongside the group’s founder, Chip, B.o.B, Travi$ Scott and Trae Tha Truth all provide verses highlighting their disdain for worthless. Although Hustle Gang did not release an official album like Young Money or G.O.O.D. Music, “2 F**ks” is proof that these guys mean business.

Listen to “2 F**ks” below.


We Still In This B***h – B.o.B. (feat. T.I. & Juicy J): Song of the Day 5/5

The club lights have turned on and most of the crowd has dispersed. The casual partier is satisfied with the night they have had and are ready to head home around 2 a.m. However, B.o.B is going nowhere. Bobby Ray and his crew are “Still In This B***h”.

B.o.B’s latest single which spawned from his last mixtape F**k Em We Ball, “We Still In This B***h” has become an anthem for all of those who want to stay at the club just a little while longer. Fellow partiers, T.I. and Juicy J, join Bobby Ray on the track and offer up their case as to why this club is not closing anytime soon. Their message over Mike Will Made It’s intoxicating beat has given B.o.B yet another hit.

Watch the official video for “We Still In This B***h” below.

Banana Clip Theory – Big K.R.I.T.: Song of the Day 4/13

“An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.”

While Big K.R.I.T. never met Ghandi, they both have the same philosophies when it comes to violence. With K.R.I.T. understanding the ways of gun violence, he has compiled his own ideas into the “Banana Clip Theory”.

One death leads to another and yet another in K.R.I.T.’s “Banana Clip Theory”. A deep cut from the K.R.I.T. mixtape, “Banana Clip Theory” sends a clear message to those with their fingers against the trigger. At a time when gun violence talks are at a climax, the “Banana Clip Theory” is quite the poetic addition to the discussion by K.R.I.T.

Listen to “Banana Clip Theory” below.

P***y On My Mind – Bow Wow (feat. Kid Ink): Song of the Day 3/9

As the cover of the Greenlight 5 mixtape would show, there was once a day when Bow Wow was an innocent young’n in a grown man’s world. Well, Bow has shed the “Lil” for some time now and is no longer teenage rapper who strays away from the profane. In fact, Bow has succumb to many of life’s temptations including those women offer as shown on today’s Song of the Day.

Off the fifth installment of his Greenlight series, “P***y On My Mind” is just proof of how much Bow Wow has grown up. Alongside Kid Ink, Bow has put aside all the childish innuendos and come right out and said exactly what he is thinking about when he sees these girls.

Listen to “P***y On My Mind” below.

Switch Lanes – Tyga (feat. Game): Song of the Day 1/18

Hot cars and driving fast.

On Tyga‘s latest release from Well Done 3, the YMCMB rapper teams up with Game to “Switch Lanes”. Two of the hottest west-coasters in the game today, Tyga and Game let loose on “Switch Lanes”. Over a menacing beat, these two MC’s swerve back and forth creating one of the hottest mixtape tracks of 2012.

Watch the official video for “Switch Lanes” below.

F**k Da World – Ace Hood: Song of the Day 1/11

With all the controversy and devastation surrounding the events in Aurora, Sandy Hook, and Webster, Ace Hood is losing confidence in his country. On his latest mixtape, Starvation 2, Ace Hood says “F**k Da World” on and opens up on all the issues on his conscience.

Opening up on events which have affected the entire U.S. and himself personally, Ace Hood shows a side of himself seldom associated with his music. Known as an aggressive rapper who is not focused on the lyrics, “F**k Da World” may open some eyes. Ace calls out the U.S. government along with many other parties for the problems in our country today. However, Ace is not completely pessimistic. He hopes to be a sign of hope for all those who are listening.

Listen to “F**k Da World” below.

Soft – Juelz Santana (feat. Rick Ross, Meek Mill & Fabolous): Song of the Day 1/9

Back in 2005, Juelz Santana had the entire U.S. “whistling” with his breakout hit “There It Go (The Whistle Song)” off his second album. The future seemed promising for Santana after What The Game’s Been Missing! rose up the charts. However, it was not to be and we have heard little from the MC over the past 7 years.

2013 has arrived an new beginnings have sprouted for Santana who is ready to release his first mixtape, God Will’n, in years. The first leaked track, “Soft”, is today’s Song of the Day and a reminder of the skills possessed by Santana.

Featuring three of the hottest rappers in the game today in Rick Ross, Meek Mill, and Fabolous, Juelz is able to hold his own despite the long layoff. “Soft” is the perfect way to get some buzz for Santana started. After all those who knew him back in 2005 may have forgotten just how talented Juelz is.

Listen to “Soft” below.