Post To Be – Omarion (feat. Chris Brown & Jhene Aiko): Song of the Day 11/19

Since signing to MMG, Omarion has provided a handful of guest verses and released a couple well received mixtapes. But now after releasing his new single “Post To Be”, it appears Omarion is ready to drop his first album since 2010.

It may be one the few tracks off Sex Playlist which includes guest features, so Omarion made sure not to skimp at all. He did this by bringing in the most popular producer of the year, DJ Mustard, to provide the beat and then Chris Brown and Jhene Aiko to collaboration with on Omarion’s most promising song in years.

Listen to “Post To Be” below.


Lyin King – Jhene Aiko: Song of the Day 9/28

Everyone hopes to find that special someone where honesty is at the forefront. Where truth always is of paramount importance. But the relationship Jhene Aiko sings of on “Lyin King” has no Disney happy ending.

More than just a play on words, “Lyin King” provides Aiko with a stage to release her feelings in the form of smartly written, emotionally charged lyrics. Despite it being her personal story, “Lyin King” is relatable for all Aiko listeners which is one of the best features of Souled Out.

Listen to “Lyin King” below.

Drunk Texting – Chris Brown (feat. Jhene Aiko): Song of the Day 9/19

When to drinks are flowing everything is usually good until the phones are pulled out. Chris Brown seems to know the repercussions of “Drunk Texting” his former girl but not enough to not make a song about it.

One of the most highly anticipated tracks from Breezy’s newly released album X, “Drunk Texting” is quite the massive duet. Brown is joined by Jhene Aiko who sings right along with Breezy instead of taking the verse for verse approach which make “Drunk Texting” unique to album.

Listen to “Drunk Texting” below.

Pretty Bird (Freestyle) – Jhene Aiko (feat. Common): Song of the Day 9/13

Not only has she been blessed with a beautiful voice but Jhene Aiko has paired lyrics to match in her music. Now away from the mixtapes and EP’s, Aiko has graduated to the full-length and her skills have made seemingly simple tracks like”Pretty Bird (Freestyle)” standout.

One of the few tracks to include a feature off Souled Out, “Pretty Bird (Freestyle)” brings Common and Aiko together for what could be classified as a poem more than a true freestyle. Stripped down and raw, Aiko’s lyrics are quite limited to the title of the track but her emotion combined with Common’s thoughtful spoken words make “Pretty Bird (Freestyle)” take flight.

Listen to “Pretty Bird (Freestyle)” below.

The Pressure – Jhene Aiko: Song of the Day 7/18

For awhile, Jhene Aiko was spending her time flying under the radar. However, now that she has been discovered and become one of the hottest new names in the industry, her journey towards releasing her debut album has her certainly feeling “The Pressure”.

Now the second song to be revealed from Aiko’s upcoming and long awaited album Souled Out, “The Pressure” is yet another mesmerizing and deeply emotional track brought forth by Aiko. She seems to float over the production but is relentless with her lyrical attack. “The Pressure” is yet another successful moment for Aiko.

Listen to “The Pressure” below.

To Love & Die – Jhene Aiko (feat. Cocaine 80s): Song of the Day 6/26

While she has yet to release an official album, Jhene Aiko has become the new it girl in the business. Solid mixtapes and an EP which did better on the charts than most expected, Aiko is now ready to take the next step as she drops her full-lengths first single, “To Love & Die”.

With her soothing voice cruising over the No I.D. production, “To Love & Die” perfectly fits Aiko’s flow. Even though it does not scream single material, the addition of Cocaine 80s for a guest verse to “To Love & Die” will garner some attention and serve a great jump off point for Souled Out.

Listen to “To Love & Die” below.

Comfort Inn Ending (Freestyle) – Jhene Aiko: Song of the Day 4/13

She comes in a small frame with a sultry voice and a beautiful physique but do not underestimate the wrath of Jhene Aiko. As her “Comfort Inn Ending (Freestyle)” portrays, she is not the one you want to go cheating on and hope to get away with it.

The finale from her debut EP Sail Out, “Comfort Inn Ending (Freestyle)” takes Aiko’s storytelling abilities to another level. Aiko paints a vivid picture of her unfaithful lover and how she was the only one truly in love despite all of her man’s claims. This may not be the happiest of endings for an EP, but it is a great stepping stone towards Aiko’s first full-length album.

Watch the official video for “Comfort Inn Ending (Freestyle)” here.