Fruition – The-Dream: Song of the Day 12/22

We’re you looking for a special slow jam this Christmas to play while you cozy up next to the fire with your special someone. Well, your in luck because the the Love King, The-Dream, has returned to make all your holiday dreams come to “Fruition”.

Between his writing credentials and his own tracks, The-Dream has been apart of a plethora of successful songs made for the bedroom. Now as he returns to the scene with “Fruition”, The-Dream goes the old school route with his production while his patented falsetto shines once again.

Listen to “Fruition” below.


Pimp C Lives – The-Dream: Song of the Day 7/19

The death of Pimp C hit the hip-hop and R&B community hard. Despite his passing, however, his influence has lived on through music even in some very unexpected places like The-Dream‘s brand new EP as he lives his life as is if “Pimp C Lives”.

Certainly keeping it trill in memory of one of H-Town’s finest, The-Dream makes sure to not be subtle while honoring the late UGK MC on “Pimp C Lives”. Off Royalty – The Prequel, “Pimp C Lives” not only bumps hard for another solid joint from The-Dream but it also continues to remind fans of the lasting impression Pimp C left before he was taken too early.

Listen to “Pimp C Lives” below.


Wedding Bells – The-Dream: Song of the Day 7/10

While he has written some of the best songs over the past decade, The-Dream has seen the darker side of love in his own personal life during that time. This has given him an interesting perspective on the institution of marriage and the sound of “Wedding Bells”.

Off his brand new surprise mixtape, Royalty – The Prequal, “Wedding Bells” has all the features of a classic Dream hit. With a dope beat and a catchy chorus, “Wedding Bells” may seem like just another hot track but with lines like “Mr. have a wedding just to have a party”, “Wedding Bells” deserves a much deeper listening session.

Listen to “Wedding Bells” below.

Black – The-Dream: Song of the Day 4/30

Over the last few days, the United States has been in a swarm of talk about the racist comments by Los Angeles Clippers owner, Donald Sterling. His bigotry has spread much farther than the sports community and even artists like The-Dream are offering their take on the situation and racism as a whole on the track “Black”.

He has been renowned for years for his songwriting skills but “Black” may be one of The-Dream’s most poignant works to date. This track may never find its way onto an album but the Dream’s connectivity to the issues at hand along with his pure emotion make “Black” a stirring song worth a listen for even those who have never heard The-Dream’s name before.

Watch the official video for “Black” below.

P***y – The-Dream (feat. Pusha T & Big Sean): Song of the Day 10/22

He has slowed it down and produced some of the most sensual and emotional tracks since his first album but now The-Dream is done with all that mushy stuff. At this point in his career he wants to skip all the foreplay and get right down to business. That is why his entire focus in on that “P***y”.

There is very little left to the imagination on IV Play‘s most explicit cut and “P***y” is not bashful about letting it all hang out. Joining The-Dream on his search for sex is Pusha T and Big Sean who seem to be feigning an equal level. This joint and music video are not for the faint of heart but for those who enjoy a little explicit content, “P***y” will provide you with everything and more.

Watch the official video for “P***y” below.

Let Me Love You – Pusha T (feat. Kelly Rowland): Song of the Day 10/6

While Pusha T may be one of the toughest, grittiest rappers of today, even he has somewhat of a softer side. While he may be more comfortable on tracks like “King Push” and Nosetalgia”, Push can put a track together to drive the ladies crazy. “Let Me Love You” is that track for T’s upcoming album My Name Is My Name.

While paying homage to Ma$e with a flow which may make listeners think they are listening to the Bad Boy MC, Push teams up with his main chick Kelly Rowland on “Let Me Love You”. Speculatively, The-Dream provides the head-bobbing production for Kelly’s inciting chorus and Push’s utterly effortless bars. While he may be more suited for shadows of rap, “Let Me Love You” proves that T can come to the light and still do his thing.

Listen to “Let Me Love You” below.

Too Early – The-Dream (feat. Gary Clark Jr.): Song of the Day 7/28

When a relationship is coming to its burning finale, it has no boundaries and stalls for nothing. The-Dream has realized this through his highly publicized breakups and has had his share of late nights. But this time around, Dream is exclaiming that it is just “Too Early” in the morning to be having another argument.

Although The-Dream’s album IV Play has been criticized for its lack of creativity and over-sexualization, “Too Early” is a reminder of the artistic ability of The-Dream. Over the blues guitar of award-winner Gary Clark Jr., Dream utilizes autotune to perfection on “Too Early” as he reveals his venerability through carefully crafted lyrics. It may be “Too Early” for Dream to argue and squander his relationship, but there is no wrong time to absorb every second of this joint.

Listen to “Too Early” below.