Post To Be – Omarion (feat. Chris Brown & Jhene Aiko): Song of the Day 11/19

Since signing to MMG, Omarion has provided a handful of guest verses and released a couple well received mixtapes. But now after releasing his new single “Post To Be”, it appears Omarion is ready to drop his first album since 2010.

It may be one the few tracks off Sex Playlist which includes guest features, so Omarion made sure not to skimp at all. He did this by bringing in the most popular producer of the year, DJ Mustard, to provide the beat and then Chris Brown and Jhene Aiko to collaboration with on Omarion’s most promising song in years.

Listen to “Post To Be” below.


Finals 2 – Rick Ross (feat. Wale, Gunplay, Rockie Fresh, Fat Trel, Tracy T & French Montana): Song of the Day 6/6

Rick Ross was so excited that his hometown Miami Heat made the NBA Finals back in 2011 that he dropped a track dedicated to the accomplishment. Now that they are back for the fourth year in a row it was only fitting that Rozay to it again but only bigger with “Finals 2”.

Reaching almost nine minutes in length, “Finals 2” features quite the list of MMG artists. Wale, Gunplay, Rockie Fresh, Fat Trel, Tracy T and French Montana all join Ricky on “Finals 2” as they all provide individual verses celebrating being the the finals of their own realm.

Listen to “Finals 2” below.

Black Grammys – Wale (feat. Meek Mill, Rockie Fresh & J. Cole): Song of the Day 1/26

While the Grammys has celebrated the greatness of music for over five decades now, rap music has been under appreciated. Many hip-hop artists have expressed their displeasure with the Grammy process and very few rap awards are televised. That is why Wale is holding his own “Black Grammys”.

Off of MMG’s compilation album Self Made 3, “Black Grammys” celebrates the accomplishments of some of the hottest names in the game. Joining Wale at the “Black Grammys” are Meek Mill, Rockie Fresh and J. Cole who was a Grammy’s snub this year and any fan of his knows he is never afraid to share his feelings on any topic.

Watch the official video for “Black Grammys” below.



Too Much – Omarion: Song of the Day 11/5

The temptations in the world are endless, especially for a successful R&B artist like Omarion. While he has found a girl which he truly adores, he is still struggling to conquer his urge to act single. This is a restless battle which does not have an end in sight but his girl might just be “Too Much” to give up.

Over a soothing guitar riff, Omarion shed the MMG shell on “Too Much” and really croons the ladies, sounding very similar to Marques Houston in doing so. Omarion has still yet to push out an album with MMG but tracks like “Too Much”, featured on his latest mixtape Care Package 2, show that he has not completely abandoned his R&B roots which had Omarion so popular years ago, after signing with a rap powerhouse.

Listen to “Too Much” below.

Levels – Meek Mill: Song of the Day 10/25

The caste system goes back centuries in India and now it seems Meek Mill is bringing these controversial ideas to the rap game. While this is obviously an exaggeration, Meek Mill has recognized their is a hierarchy in the hip-hop community. While there was a day when he may have been down with untouchables, today he is at the top of the chain and letting everyone know how many “Levels” separates him from the rest.

Meek’s solo single from MMG’s Self Made Vol. 3, “Levels” has the Philly MC spitting realities to his subordinates about why they can’t do what he does. It may be a stretch for Meek to claim the throne just yet, but there is something to be said for his confidence. But even if he cannot claim the top spot just yet, there are definitely some “Levels” separating him from the majority.

Watch the official video for “Levels” below.

Stack on My Belt – Rick Ross (feat. Wale, Whole Slab & Birdman): Song of the Day 10/1

When you are pulling in the dough like every member of MMG, it is no longer acceptable to be shy with the dough. So when it comes to putting together an outfit, there is nothing Rick Ross won’t spend thousands on. This is why he even spends a “Stack on My Belt”.

A standout from MMG’s Self Made, Vol. 3, “Stack on My Belt” is a reminder to us all just how much cash Rick Ross and his crew really bring in everyday. Joining Rozay on his belt shopping spree is Wale, Whole Slab and Birdman, who all show off their bankrolls while dropping off some dope bars. It may seem incomprehensible to the major it, but for Ross, spending a “Stack on My Belt” is just another day’s work.

Listen to “Stack on My Belt” below.

Clappers – Wale (feat. Nicki Minaj & Juicy J): Song of the Day 6/26

It has already been noted here on Musical Breakdown that Wale is the best lyricist on the MMG label and that he has even transitioned into more of a mainstream, club rapper than ever before. Although his newly released album The Gifted does included a plethora of tracks with lyrical value but some of the most anticipated joints, including today’s Song of the Day, are those meant for the club.

Dedicated to all those ladies with an extra-large posteriors, “Clappers” is a track nobody would have expected from Wale after the release of his debut album. With a hate it or love it chorus, Wale is joined by Nicki Minaj and Juicy J who show there love for those who can do a little twerking.

Call it adapting, evolving, or changing, Wale is no longer that independent rapper who slowly emerged from D.C. with a story to tell. He is ready for the limelight, for better or worse, and he is here to stay.

Listen to “Clappers” below