Dat Sound Good – PRhyme (feat. Ab-Soul & Mac Miller): Song of the Day 12/12

Although he has released critically-acclaimed tracks as a solo artist, Royce da 5’9″ has found the most success through his joint projects. This first started with Eminem as Bad Meets Evil and now with his new collabo with DJ Premier with tracks like “Dat Sound Good”.

Under the name PRhyme, Royce and Premier have created a dynamic duo clearly shown on “Dat Sound Good”. Although Ab-Soul and Mac MIller join Royce with verses, it is clearly the production of Premier and the rhymes of 5’9″ that stand tall on this brand new joint.

Listen to “Dat Sound Good” below.


I Like It – Meek Mill (feat. Mac Miller): Song of the Day 9/6

Meek Mill‘s tenacity is on display today as it seems not even iron bars can stop him from releasing new music. Still in the midst of his prison sentence, Mill has managed to give his listeners some new bars in the form of “I Like It”.

A possible addition to Meek’s upcoming album Dreams Worth More Than Money, “I Like It” brings back the still unexpected collaboration of Meek and Mac Miller. Previously united on the “House Party (Remix)”, these two rappers with completely different styles surprisingly show that opposites do attract even in the rap game.

Listen to “I Like It” below.


Erica’s House – Mac Miller (feat. TreeJay): Song of the Day 1/5

It was impressive when Justin Timberlake managed to drop two studio albums in 2013. Mac Miller seems ready to take this efficiency to another level by stating that he has four projects ready to drop in 2014. Yesterday, Mac offered up the first track from what might be the first of these projects.

With TreeJay handling the hook, Mac Miller gets real trippy in “Erica’s House. Sporadic is the best way to describe Mac’s though process on this joint which will take listeners all over the place in Mac’s conscious.

Listen to “Erica’s House” below.

O.K. – Mac Miller (feat Tyler, The Creator): Song of the Day 710

While his second album Watching Movies With The Sound Off may have gone overlooked after being released on the same day as Cole’s and Yeezy’s, Mac Miller still has a solid album in his hands. The album still sold over 100,000 records in its first week because of songs like today’s Song of the Day.

With energy and exuberance for days, Mac Miller is certainly doing “O.K”. Sporadic and raunchy, “O.K.” may be a bonus track on WMWTSO but it is certainly in the running for top track on the album. Tyler, The Creator offers his services and does not disappoint. Once again he is controversial and crazy and to Mac’s following that is quite “O.K.”.

Listen to “O.K.” below.

Let Nas Down – J. Cole: Song of the Day 6/15

There hasn’t been a day in rap like June 18 will be in a long time. Kanye West, J. Cole, and Mac Miller will all be releasing albums with huge anticipation and tracks which has already garnered a huge following. For Cole that track is “Let Nas Down” and it is today’s Song of the Day.

Chronicling the release of Cole’s first mega-single “Work Out” and Nas’ negitive response to the track, “Let Nas Down” is a confession to the world from Cole. Although the track turned out to be a smash, Nas was let down when he heard “Work Out”, feeling that Cole took a step backward trying to appeal to the radio. Introspective and eye opening are just two adjectives which can be applied to “Let Nas Down”, a track which will not disappoint fans come Tuesday.

Listen to “Let Nas Down” below.

The Way – Ariana Grande (feat. Mac Miller): Song of the Day 4/15

There is something special something about love. That feeling inside when the right person is finally found and has brought themselves into your life. Ariana Grande has found that man and she love “The Way” he loves her.

With all the vocal capabilities in the world, Ariana Grande has truly opened up her career with “The Way”. With Mac Miller offering his assistance in a more pop-oriented way than usual, “The Way” is a showcase for Grande who is very comparable to a young Mariah Carey, especially with her falsetto. Keep a look out for the one. It looks like the has found “The Way” to the top.

Watch the official video for “The Way” below.

Life Can Wait – Mac Miller: Song of the Day 11/21

At a time when creativity and originality arguably seem to be at their lowest in the hip-hip community, Mac Miller has decided to test himself and branch out. Already with a #1 rap album under his belt, Mac decided to surprise his fans with a very unexpected jazz influenced EP.

Under the alias, Larry Lovestein & The Velvet Revival, Mac slows things down on “Life Can Wait” off the You EP. Over some smooth jazz production, Mac’s raspy voice works well in this genre. Although fans may be disappointed they are not receiving some hip-hop records from Mac, he should be applauded for this adventurous work.

Listen to “Life Can Wait” below.