Swerve – Mike Will Made It (feat. ILoveMakonnen): Song of the Day 12/16

He had been hyping up his project for months now and despite well-recieved tracks like “Buy The World” and “Paradise”, there seemed to be very little traction on it dropping. However, with Christmas rolling around listeners got a nice present from Mike Will Made It with the release of Ransom and tracks like “Swerve”.

Off the debut mixtape from one of the top producers in the game, “Swerve” brings together the beats of Mike Will and the Grammy-nominated rhymes of ILoveMakonnen. Continuing with his flow from “Tuesday”, Makonnen bounces right along with Mike Will’s key and snares which make “Swerve” one of the many highlights from Ransom.

Listen to “Swerve” below.


Paradise – Big Sean: Song of the Day 9/12

So Big Sean dropped four brand new tracks this afternoon. Don’t worry you read that correctly. While he did tease some new music, few were expecting more than one new joint but now that they are here listeners are in “Paradise”.

The only track currently tied to a larger project, “Paradise” brings back the Mike Will Made It and Big Sean connection. Found on the producers upcoming mixtape Ransom, “Paradise” bangs and bangs hard as Sean breaks his momentary silence with utter aggression.

Listen to “Paradise” below.

Buy The World – Mike Will Made It (feat. Lil Wayne, Kendrick Lamar & Future): Song of the Day 6/19

He started out his procession towards his debut album with a bang when he dropped “23”. However, since then Mike Will Made It has been relatively quiet but not any longer as he drops off his brand new single, “Buy The World”.

One of the biggest perks of producing tracks for some of the gigantic names in the business is that you have the power to bring some of them in for one huge track. For “Buy The World”, Mike decided to bring in three of the biggest with Lil Wayne, Kendrick Lamar and Future and over his production they only thrive as usual.

Listen to “Buy The World” below.



Beach Is Better – Jay-Z: Song of the Day 10/27

Artists tend to make statements these day by making tracks that are somewhere near eight minutes in length. While this is being replicated by many, Jay-Z decided to take the opposite approach and capture everyone’s attention with the short but sweet “Beach Is Better”.

Over a crazy beat by Mike Will Made It, Hov immediately goes in on “Beach Is Better” but then all of a sudden the track is complete. At only 56 seconds, “Beach Is Better” leaves you wanting more after every listen, something Jay-Z compares to how vacation makes him feel. “Beach Is Better” proves that sometimes less is really more.

Listen to “Beach Is Better” below.

23 – Mike WiLL Made It (feat. Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J & Miley Cyrus): Song of the Day 9/9

Even though he is now on the other side of 50, Michael Jordan and his brand are still influencing American culture just as they were on day one. In the hip-hop community, J’s are sacred footwear which everyone has at least one pair of. This includes Mike Will Made It who has embraced “23” so much that he has dedicated his first major label single to them.

The mega-producer brought in two of his regulars, Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J, in to share the MJ love on “23”, Est. In 1989, Pt. 3‘s first single. While the combination of Mike Will, Juicy and Wiz would usually be the focus, the addition of Miley Cyrus, Mike Will’s main chick, is undoubtably the attention-getter here. Cyrus may seem a little out of place at first, but she puts together a catchy chorus and a verse which will have the music community chattering for weeks.

Listen to “23” below.

Speak Into The Mic – Ludacris: Song of the Day 5/11

Anyone can say they have skills. They can talk a big game and flaunt their talents but until they do it when it really counts, nothing has been accomplished. Ludacris thinks that he has found a girl who both can talk the talk and walk the walk. This is why he is telling her to “Speak Into The Mic” and show the world.

The latest installment on Luda’s #IDGAFFriadys, “Speak Into The Mic” is yet another banger produced by Mike Will Made It. With very little subtlety, Luda tells his girl to practice on his microphone in order to master her craft. After all, practice makes perfect so why not “Speak Into The Mic” on the biggest stage possible.

Listen to “Speak Into The Mic” below.

Body Party – Ciara: Song of the Day 3/4

A well put together celebration is quite a spread. With food, drink, and all the amenities to cater to all those invited. For Ciara, however, there is only one thing required for her upcoming bash because it is simply a “Body Party” with her only invitee.

Over subdued production from Mike Will Made It, Ciara strips down on “Body Party”. With nothing more than a whisper, the One Woman Army describes all the events which take place at this “Body Party” she is hosting for her man. Things are about to get steamy in the venue with this joint.

Listen to “Body Party” below.