7/11 (Remix) – Beyonce (feat. French Montana): Song of the Day 12/26

She has been busy all year round releasing songs and music video all while touring around the world. So even though it’s Christmas time, Beyonce is still hard at work releasing another brand new track, the “7/11 (Remix)”.

Taking the original version which was featured on the Platinum Edition of Beyonce and giving it a Christmas twist, the “7/11 (Remix)” is certainly experimental. That includes a very unexpected feature from French Montana who has now reached the highest peak of his career thus far by appearing on a Beyonce track.

Listen to “7/11 (Remix)” below.


Blow (Remix) – Beyonce (feat. Pharrell): Song of the Day 11/29

While “Drunk In Love” was the obvious smash from Beyonce‘s self-titled album, the project was full of successful hits. So while it was obvious a remix to her collaboration with Jay-Z would be included on the project’s rerelease, tracks like “Blow” also got a facelift.

One of three tracks from the original Beyonce to be revisited on the Platinum Edition, the “Blow (Remix)” switches thing up by bringing one of the main men behind the scenes on the original to the forefront. After earning both writing and producing credits the first time around, Pharrell has stepped out from behind the boards to join Bey for a brand new verse for this welcomed remix.

Listen to “Blow (Remix)” below.

Ring Off – Beyonce: Song of the Day 11/23

While she is married to one of the most powerful men in hip-hop, Beyonce has made it known that she is not defined by her
husband. In an ode to her mother, Beyonce continues this trend in her brand new single, “Ring Off”

Accompanying “7/11”, the other track released so far off the Platinum Edition of Beyonce, “Ring Off” is an uplifting jam for all the ladies who had the courage to move on from their failing relationships. Not only does “Ring Off” connect with a wide scope of women but Bey makes the track extremely personal by supporting her mother’s separation from her father in the best way she knows how.

Listen to “Ring Off” below.

7/11 – Beyonce: Song of the Day 11/21

She surprised the world with her self-titled album and the plethora of hits that were included. Because of this success, Beyonce decided to revisit her crowning achievement and bring some new tracks along for the ride including “7/11”.

The first single from the all new Platinum Edition of Beyonce, “7/11” brings back the heat for Bey who recently finished her world tour with Jay-Z. Continuing her trend of Houston-influenced tracks, “7/11” will be rocking the clubs very soon as the Queen brings her best dance moves with her for this joint.

Watch the official video for “7/11” below.

Flawless – Beyonce (feat. Nicki Minaj): Song of the Day 8/3

When she dropped her self-titled album a few months ago, Beyonce surprised everyone with the suprise. Now she has done it again with the “Flawless (Remix)” as without warning she teams up with the other leading lady in the game for the very first time.

It seems like it was only a matter of time before Beyonce and Nicki Minaj teamed up for an epic track and the “Flawless (Remix)” is just that. The swag is palpable between these two queens as they prove they don’t just look “Flawless” but make “Flawless” tracks together as well.

Listen to “Flawless (Remix)” below.

Drunk In Love (Remix) – The Weeknd: Song of the Day 2/16

Right on the heels of Kanye West adding his own personal touches to Beyonce’s smash “Drunk In Love”, The Weeknd has taken to the remixing stage. While Yeezy revamped the beat and added his own verse to his remix, The Weeknd decided to take it one step further and completely mess around on his “Drunk In Love (Remix)”.

The first audiences have heard from The Weeknd since Kiss Land dropped, “Drunk In Love (Remix)” brings the R&B crooner’s drugged out, dark style to this club jam. Without any of the original verses by Beyonce of Jay-Z, “Drunk In Love (Remix)” is all about The Weeknd he really does steal the show on this joint.

Listen to “Drunk In Love (Remix)” below.

Drunk In Love (Remix) – Beyonce (feat. Kanye West & Jay-Z): Song of the Day 2/14

It is no surprise that the duet of Beyonce and Jay-Z on “Drunk In Love” has become the standout track from Queen Bey’s self-titled album. Now usually the top track from a rap or R&B album like this will get the remix treatment and who better to do that for this joint than Yonce and Hov’s good friend Kanye West.

With a revamped beat which somehow Kanye made better than the original, “Drunk In Love (Remix)” will pound speakers and have people pressing repeat over and over again. While Beyonce and Jay’s parts both remain the same, Yeezy contributes brand new material which is dedicated to his love, Kim Kardashian.

Listen to “Drunk In Love (Remix)” below.