From Time – Drake (feat. Jhene Aiko): Song of the Day 11/28

He is on the top of his game and she is on the rise. Drake is arguably the top rapper if not artist out and Jhene Aiko is starting her assent to the top. So it should be no surprise that their duet “From Time” is gaining serious traction.

While it may be their first collaboration, “From Time” reveals a serious connection between Drake and Aiko. It is not a stretch to say Aiko could be the female Drake in some time given her emotional yet individualistic style which is clearly shown on her chorus. Drizzy can’t be overlooked, however. Once again he manages to find the perfect balance of openness and mystery on “From Time”.

Listen to “From Time” below.




Come Thru (James Blake Remix) – Drake: Song of the Day 10/29

They were seen in the studio together during the making of Nothing Was The Same, but a collaboration between Drake and James Blake never appeared on the final cut. Despite not being featured on today’s Song of the Day, Blake decided to completely revamp the production to one of the highlights of NWTS, “Come Thru”.

What was one of the smoothest cuts from Drake’s smash album, “Come Thru” became something completely different when Blake took the reins. With heavy synths and a techno/dance vibe, especially after Drizzy’s intro, Blake’s production slightly dominates Drake’s flow but its unexpectedness, especially compared to the original, makes Blake’s version of “Come Thru” deserve a listen.

Check out “Come Thru (James Blake Remix)” below.

Furthest Thing – Drake: Song of the Day 10/19

Despite the fame, the women and the record sales, Drake has remained human. While he has done thing most of us can only dream of, he still experiences the struggles of everyday life just like everyone who has popped in Nothing Was The Same. This is why when people start saying things like Drizzy is the perfect version of an artist, his reply is that he is the “Furthest Thing” from everyones ideals.

One of the tracks on Drake’s latest #1 project which has had critics and fans alike saying he is “emotional”, “Furthest Thing” has the Toronto MC toeing the line between perfection and flawed. While he walks the metaphorical tightrope, Drake tears down his stereotypical lifestyle to reveal what he is truly like, even though he does have a few more luxuries than most. While many still have this vision of what it is to be Drake, “Furthest Thing” reveals to us all that he is not so much different than us all.

Listen to “Furthest Thing” below.

Hold On, We’re Going Home (Remix) – Drake (feat. Rick Ross): Song of the Day 10/11

Unlike his first two albums, Drake decided to hold back some on the huge guest features and focus on himself while shining light on a few new names. However, it should be no surprise that those big names would be all over the remixes of Drake’s hits. For the first one, it is Rick Ross hopping on “Hold On, We’re Going Home”.

While there has been no word from Drizzy’s camp if this is the official remix of his #1 single, “Hold On, We’re Going Home (Remix)” is definitely high quality. While Drizzy’s part is the same as the original, Rozay opens up the track with a tweaked beat and drops bars for over a minute. He may have wanted to avoid the star-studded tracks on Nothing Was The Same but “Hold On, We’re Going Home (Remix)” shows just how sweet these enormous collaborations can be.

Listen to “Hold On, We’re Going Home (Remix)” below.

Worst Behavior – Drake: Song of the Day 9/23

He may be considered soft by some, especially those who don’t appreciate his R&B side, but Drake does have a little aggression in him. This bad boy side of Drizzy usually becomes exposed when talking about the haters who have tried to stymie his rise. Tonight, Drake is on his “Worst Behavior” and calling them all out once again.

The most forceful track on Nothing Was The Same, “Worst Behavior” is not discrete at all. Drake goes off on the haters while flaunting his success all while spitting some of the most memorable bars of the entire album. He may never truly be considered and OG, but Drizzy can be pretty bad when he’s on his “Worst Behavior”.

Watch the official video for “Worst Behavior” below.

Too Much – Drake: Song of the Day 9/19

One of the finest qualities of Drake‘s flow is that he has been able to have his fans connect with his true self. He has brought listeners into his life through the good and the bad. However, Drake has never done such an introspective track as “Too Much” which brings everyone into Drizzy’s family.

First revealed on Jimmy Fallon’s late night show, “Too Much” not only brings us into Drake’s mind but the relationship his family has with him. With fame comes misfortune and Drake seems to be challenging himself and his family to do better on “Too Much”. This track may not go over well with his family, but “Too Much” is just what fans are looking for from Drizzy.

Listen to “Too Much” below.

Wu-Tang Forever – Drake: Song of the Day 9/18

When asked in interviews about who his influences were when growing up, Drake has revealed that Lil Wayne, Jay-Z and many more, inspired him to follow his musical dream. However, Drake has talked little about the legendary group Wu-Tang Clan. That seems to be because he dedicated an entire track to them on his upcoming album Nothing Was The Same.

Over a rough sample of the Clan’s “It’s Yourz”, Drake combines his rap and R&B skills once again on “Wu-Tang Forever”, named for the Wu-Tang album from which the sample originated. Drizzy decided to change up the content within the track to more of a relationship song which has angered some hardcore Clan fans but not the Clan itself. Instead some Wu-Tang members have praised Drake and thanked him for the tribute.

Listen to “Wu-Tang Forever” below.