I Don’t Mind – Usher (feat. Juicy J): Song of the Day 11/26

There is a certain stigma associated with a woman being a stripper. However, Usher has a completely different view of the ladies working the pole as he clearly states on his new single “I Don’t Mind”.

The most recent release from Usher’s upcoming album which is still without a title, “I Dont’ Mind” is Ush’s ode to those ladies bringing in the cash the best way they can. Juicy J, a strip club connoisseur, joins Usher on the track which certainly shows off the pipes on this R&B legend.

Listen to “I Don’t Mind” below.


Clueless – Usher: Song of the Day 11/15

The way music is being released and distributed is seemingly changing everyday. Now Usher is taking it to another level by choosing cereal as his method of distribution for his latest single, “Clueless”.

Found in boxes of Honey Nut Cheerios, “Clueless” may have taken an odd route to its release but it is still contains the classic Usher sound. With a much more traditional R&B vibe than Usher previous two singles, “Clueless” will truly be an interesting test to see how successful cereal can be as a distribution channel.

Listen to “Clueless” below.

Hold You Down (Remix) – DJ Khaled (feat. Usher, Rick Ross, Ace Hood & Fabolous): Song of the Day 11/3

Besides the head-scratching absurdity which was DJ Khaled‘s dialogue in the original “Hold You Down” music video, the rest of the R&B star-studded track was spot on. But as with any track which takes off for Khaled, a remix is always waiting.

After having four of the hottest crooners in the game grace the original, the “Hold You Down (Remix)” is all about the MC’s. And while Rick Ross, Ace Hood and Fabolous provide verses for the track, it is Usher’s brand new chorus which shines through on the “Hold You Down (Remix)”.

Listen to “Hold You Down (Remix)” below.

Body Language – Kid Ink (feat. Usher & Tinashe): Song of the Day 9/8

For the past couple weeks, Kid Ink has been teasing his new single hard on Twitter. Especially playing up the first-time features, Kid Ink has been hard at work getting everyone excited about “Body Language”.

Riding high off his breakthrough album, “Body Language” is the first single from his second major release of which very little is known. Those two guest appearances Ink was hiding up until the track dropped come in the form of Usher and Tinashe who both contribute to what many people are already calling the sequel to “Show Me”.

Listen to “Body Language” below.


She Came To Give It To You – Usher (feat. Nicki Minaj): Song of the Day 7/9

After getting things started with his subtly dirty single “Good Kisser”, Usher is back for more and he is keeping up the energy. His new album may not have a title yet but with tracks like “She Came To Give It To You” it will still have huge amounts of hype.

With production from the Grammy award winning producer of the year, Pharrell, and tight verse from the YMCMB queen, Nicki Minaj, “She Came To Give It To You” has some serious muscle even without Usher. But it is Ush who continues to mold and adapt his sound who carries his new single to the potential summer smash category.

Listen to “She Came To Give It To You” below.

New Flame – Chris Brown (feat. Usher & Rick Ross): Song of the Day 7/4

With his public reemergence during the BET Awards getting tons of hype, it might be the time that Chris Brown finally goes on a run again. To start things off, Breezy has brought back “New Flame” with an all new guest verse to really boost the lineup.

Originally released months ago, this version of “New Flame” will not offer much to fans who heard the track when it first dropped. However, for those who missed its premiere, this updated version will turn heads with Usher and Rick Ross rounding out this Breezy comeback track.

Listen to “New Flame” below.

Good Kisser – Usher: Song of the Day 5/5

He switched up his flow and revitalized he career on Looking 4 Myself. Now ready to release yet another album, Usher is changing things up again while looking for a “Good Kisser” to come along for the ride.

While dance tracks dominated his previous album, “Good Kisser” seems to be a step back in time for Usher. With a much older sound and with traditional R&B roots, this track will have those Usher fans who did not enjoy his EDM side so much a dose of the Usher they were accustom to a decade ago.

Watch the official video for “Good Kisser” below.