Pain – Ace Hood: Song of the Day 12/7

Over the last few years, Ace Hood‘s voice has been heard loud and clear discussing his feelings surrounding some of the most controversial issues in America. And now when it seems social tension has reached its peak, Hood just can’t deal with the overwhelming “Pain”.

While this brand new track from Hood is an obvious response to the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, “Pain” speaks on much more than just these issues. Ace shies away from nothing on “Pain” as he clearly wants everyone to know exactly what he’s thinking on these polarizing topics.

Listen to “Pain” below.


Hold You Down (Remix) – DJ Khaled (feat. Usher, Rick Ross, Ace Hood & Fabolous): Song of the Day 11/3

Besides the head-scratching absurdity which was DJ Khaled‘s dialogue in the original “Hold You Down” music video, the rest of the R&B star-studded track was spot on. But as with any track which takes off for Khaled, a remix is always waiting.

After having four of the hottest crooners in the game grace the original, the “Hold You Down (Remix)” is all about the MC’s. And while Rick Ross, Ace Hood and Fabolous provide verses for the track, it is Usher’s brand new chorus which shines through on the “Hold You Down (Remix)”.

Listen to “Hold You Down (Remix)” below.

Dat Foreign (Beast Mix) – Ace Hood: Song of the Day 9/4

Trey Songz prided himself on his taste for international women on Trigga. Now it seems like his preferences have been adopted by Ace Hood who has become a big fan of “Dat Foreign” as well.

One of the eleven Beast Mixes from Hood’s recently released mixtape, Body Bag 3, “Dat Foreign” has Hood working over Trey’s hit “Foreign”. While the project doesn’t have any new original material from Hood, tracks like “Dat Foreign” have him working over production outside his comfort zone and show that Ace is starting to expand his game.

Listen to “Dat Foreign (Beast Mix)” below.

Believe Me (Beast Mix) – Ace Hood: Song of the Day 7/30

Ace Hood has always been on top of his remix game but lately he has taken it to another level with his Beast Mixes. This time around, Ace takes on one of the biggest release so far this summer and “Believe Me” he does it big once again.

As track which Lil Wayne and Drake absolutely smashed for the original, mixing “Believe Me” would be a tall task for an MC. But no worries here. Hood’s aggressive flow and slick one-liners will have the most loyal fans of Weezy/Drizzy version nodding their heads with approval.

Listen to “Believe Me (Beast Mix)” below.

Supposed To Do – Ace Hood (feat. Skepta): Song of the Day 6/15

He may have entitled his upcoming album Beast of the South but Ace Hood is still looking to expand his reach. That is why Ace reached across the pond to bring in Skepta for “Supposed To Do”.

The first single from Hood’s upcoming project which is expected to be released later this year, “Supposed To Do” may not seem like the next huge hit for Ace here in the states but when it comes to the English crowd this joint could be a huge deal. The addition of Skepta to the mix with surely have the British rap fans stirring for more Ace Hood after hearing “Supposed To Do”.

Listen to “Supposed To Do” below.

Fear – Ace Hood: Song of the Day 1/17

He may not get the exposure, acclaim, or praise that some of the big names get, but there is no denying that Ace Hood puts out hot mixtapes. Now on the third installment of Starvation, Ace Hood is showing off his fierce flow and feeding “Fear” into his opposition.

Serving as the introduction for Starvation 3, “Fear” sets the tone for the entire project. Over Reazy Renegade’s ominous production, Hood goes off claiming that the game is now in his control. Rappers are going to be looking over their shoulders in “Fear” after hearing this joint.

Listen to “Fear” below.

FYFR – Ace Hood: Song of the Day 1/11

Rap has molded, morphed and developed into something much different than when it was first introduced. Even though Ace Hood has grown up in this time of change, he is not satisfied with what hip-hop has become. That is why he is saying “FYFR” to the lames.

An acronym for “F**k Your Favorite Rapper”, “FYFR” is the most recent track to be revealed by Ace off his upcoming mixtape, Starvation 3. With his usual grimy style, Ace goes right after the artists which he believes aren’t worthy of calling themselves hip-hop. While he drops no names, Ace Hood is stirring the pot again with “FYFR”.

Listen to “FYFR” below.