About The Money (Remix) – T.I. (feat. Young Thug, Young Jeezy & Lil Wayne): Song of the Day 10/24

He released his album Paperwork on Tuesday but T.I. is waisting no time to drop new music not included on the project. This starts with the official remix to his album’s star track which now features a couple more huge names.

Not only does the “About The Money (Remix)” bring back the dynamic duo of T.I.P. and Young Thug for another round but the King decided to give the track even more bunch with a couple more MC’s. Both Young Jeezy and Lil Wayne provide bars for the remix which T.I. hopes will spur even more buzz for his ninth full-length.

Listen to “About The Money (Remix)” below.


Take Kare – Young Thug (feat. Lil Wayne): Song of the Day 10/16

He’s already spoken of continuing the Carter series after Lil Wayne retires and has hinted at multiple collaborations with Tunechi. But up until today Young Thug has yet to join Weezy on a track. That all changed with the release of “Take Kare”.

Set to be featured on the second Rich Gang collaborative album, “Take Kare” might just be the first step in Wayne passing the touch to Thug. But with no date set on Weezy’s retirement, “Take Kare” serves as more of an obvious example of how Wayne has influenced this up-and-coming MC.

Listen to “Take Kare” below.

I Need War – T.I. (feat. Young Thug): Song of the Day 9/21

He’s done hard time and never shied away from a conflict. To put it simply, T.I. is not a guy to play around with as he makes well known on his latest dope collaboration, “I Need War”.

The star of the show on Hustle Gang’s new mixtape G.D.O.G. 2, “I Need War” bring back the duo who made “About The Money” go so hard. The T.I. and Young Thug team could be a usual thing is they keep producing tracks like “I Need War” which will surely get the blood pumping.

Listen to “I Need War” below.

Low – Juicy J (feat. Nicki Minaj, Lil Bibby & Young Thug): Song of the Day 8/7

Since releasing his solo project Stay Trippy, Juicy J has not stopped his roll to enjoy his success. Instead he has continued to pump out freestyles and remixes but now he may have just dropped his next big hit as he will have to try hard to keep this one on the “Low”.

With an infectious beat from Dr. Luke and guest appearances from Nicki Minaj, Lil Bibby and Young Thug, “Low” has some serious star power even without Juicy. However, it is the Three 6 Mafia man who brings this banger together and will certainly have fans looking forward to his next project Pure THC: The Hustle Continues.

Listen to “Low” below.

Lifestyle – Birdman (feat. Young Thug & Rich Homie Quan): Song of the Day 5/29

There are no days off when you are the main man of Rich Gang. Less than a year since releasing Rich Gang’s first collaborative album, Birdman has hit the studio again with his crew to once again speak about their high roller “Lifestyle”.

While he hosts the the track, “Lifestyle” is left to two of the up-and-coming name in the game, Young Thug and Rich Homie Quan. The production on “Lifestyle” is quite different than what these two have made their living on thus far, but Thug and Quan do still manage to keep “Lifestyle” real west coast with this one.

Listen to “Lifestyle” below.

About The Money – T.I. (feat. Young Thug): Song of the Day 5/20

There is a reason why T.I.‘s crew is called Hustle Gang. There is a reason why his upcoming album is entitled Paperwork. That’s because the King of the South has always been “About The Money” and is not stopping now.

The latest release from T.I.’s ninth album, “About The Money” has that feeling of a hit from the moment play is pressed. With the upcoming star, Young Thug, playing a huge role on the track, “About The Money” is much more a collaborative effort but between the infectious beat, T.I. flow and Thuga’s one of a kind sound, “About The Money” has the “it” factor.

Listen to “About The Money” below.

Eww – Young Thug: Song of the Day 4/21

“Danny Glover” got things started for Young Thug then his career immediately shot off. After working with both Nicki Minaj and Tyga on extremely hot singles, Thug is back with his own solo track “Eww”.

To say that Young Thug has his own individual, controversial style would be an understatement and it is full attack on “Eww”. The rumors have been that Drake will at some point appear on the final version of “Eww” but until then listeners will have to enjoy Thug going off over this simplistic beat provided by Southside.

Listen to “Eww” below.