Coming Home – T-Pain: Song of the Day 11/22

Rejuvenated and retooled, T-Pain has seemed to have found his mojo again. Once a household name, T-Pain has worked hard to make it back into people’s playlists after a few down years. But now Pain is “Coming Home” to his spot on the top again.

Continuing his trend of keeping the autotune turned off, “Coming Home” an uptempo, feel good jam unlike anything Pain has ever released before. Not only has he continued to step outside his comfort zone on “Coming Home”, Pain even dedicated the track to the troops of the United States military.

Watch the official video for “Coming Home” below.


Stoicville – T-Pain: Song of the Day 11/7

While his long awaited album has been on hold, T-Pain has been doing it big lately. His autotune-less concert has taken over the internet and new collaboration with Lil Wayne has listeners tuning in again. And now his has handed off “Stoicville” to make it a triple threat of Pain.

While keeping the autotune off, T-Pain lays down some of the realest bars he’s ever delivered for his album’s title track. Tackling a plethora of issues, “Stoicville” shows a more personal side of Pain which we’ve seen more of since losing the autotune.

Listen to “Stoicville” below.

Heartbreak Heard Around The World – Jacob Latimore (feat. T-Pain): Song of the Day 6/11

He has been hovering around the fringes of popularity for a few years now. But now Jacob Latimore is making his claim for a spot now that he is a couple years older and has a brand new single ready to climb up the charts.

With T-Pain by his side who is once again rising in popularity, Latimore may have the mid-tempo breakup song of the summer with “Heartbreak Heard Around The World”. With so much pop sensibility and a chorus which will have all the ladies yearning to mend Latimore’s broken heart, “Heartbreak Heard Around The World” is should be this pop young gun’s breakthrough.

Listen to “Heartbreak Heard Around The World” below.



Up Down (Remix) – T-Pain (feat. B.o.B, Kid Ink & Lil Boosie): Song of the Day 5/17

He had everyone including Rihanna moving it on the dace floor with the original version of “Up Down”. Now T-Pain has returned with the highly anticipated remix of his biggest hit in years to get everyone going “Up Down” once again.

With a brand new beat and a group of big name collaborators, the “Up Down (Remix)” certainly satisfies after being hyped for weeks. T-Pain produces his own brand new material while three huge names — B.o.B, Kid Ink and Lil Boosie — supply hot verses which will have the “Up Down (Remix)” on repeat.

Listen to “Up Down (Remix)” below.

Drankin Patna – T-Pain: Song of the Day 5/14

The lady T-Pain was originally buying a drink for years ago must not have been able to hang. Little is known if she was a lightweight or what but it seems that Pain has finally found a woman who can keep up with him at the bar and he is now head over heals for his new “Drankin Patna”.

Proclaimed as the sequel to “Buy U a Drank”, “Drankin Patna” has a more uptempo vibe but has the potential to follow in its predecessor’s success. With his signature autotune on full blast, Pain certainly delivers on this track while he enjoys the company of his new female “Drankin Patna” who can drink even him under the table.

Listen to “Drankin Patna” below.

I Got It – T-Pain (feat. Akon & 2Face): Song of the Day 2/9

Both T-Pain and Akon were at the peak of their careers about seven years ago and even were frequent collaborators with each other including the smash hit, “Bartender”. It has been quite awhile since these two have teamed up but as both seem to be trying to rejuvenate their status they come together on Pain’s most recent release, “I Got It”.

A free download with no current connections to Pain’s upcoming album Stoicville: The Pheonix, “I Got It” may be the first collabo between T-Pain and Akon in years but they still fit together perfectly. 2Face joins these two heavyweights on the track as the trio gets on their grind to prove that “I Got It”.

Listen to “I Got It” below.

Fresh Prince – T-Pain (feat. Young Cash, Vantrease & J Kelly): Song of the Day 1/25

Few artists currently are as hard at work as T-Pain. Everyday Pain seems to be releasing another new joint for his fans in anticipation of him releasing Stoicville: The Phoenix. For his latest joint, Pain is taking everyone back to the days of “Fresh Prince”.

Taking inspiration from the Will Smith television show, “Fresh Prince” is about the lavish life T-Pain and his homies are currently living. Fellow Nappy Boy members Young Cash, Vantrease and J Kelly join Pain on the track as they compare their lives to what was going on at the mansion in Bel-Air.

Listen to “Fresh Prince” below.