Memrise – Frank Ocean: Song of the Day 11/28

Outside of providing his voice for a handful of features, it has been two years without any new material from Frank Ocean. But that silence ended in a way only Ocean could conjure with his new leak, “Memrise”.

There is still no word on a follow up to channel ORANGE, but “Memrise” proves that any new music from Ocean makes a good day. While the tracks never makes the two minute mark, the hypnotic experiment of “Memrise” is a great reminder why Ocean is unlike anything else in today’s music scene.

Listen to “Memrise” below.


Super Rich Kids – Frank Ocean (feat. Earl Sweatshirt): Song of the Day 4/5

Every kid at one time or another has dreamed about what it would be like to grow up with money. With everything one could want, the cars, the big-screen televisions, the disposable income, every child has wondered what it would be like. But as Frank Ocean tells in his latest single, not everything is perfect being one of the “Super Rich Kids”.

The fifth single released from Ocean’s channel Orange, “Super Rich Kids” shines light on the negative side of growing up with spiral staircases and butlers. While Frank and Earl Sweatshirt, who is featured on the track, may not have started with money, they are experiencing what it is like to have money now despite them still being relatively young. These members of Odd Future may be enjoying the perks of richness, but don’t think that money has brought Ocean all he is seeking.

Listen to “Super Rich Kids” below.

Eyes Like Sky – Frank Ocean: Song of the Day 2/27

When Django Unchained was released, one of the biggest announcements surrounding the film was Frank Ocean‘s “Wise Man” was left off the soundtrack. Today, Musical Breakdown offers up another Frank Ocean track which did not make the cut but for his own album channel Orange.

Telling the story of a blind man’s interaction with those who can see, “Eyes Like Sky” may not have been on channel Orange but still is another great track by Ocean. While this blind man may not see all the wonders in the physical world, he has seen some amazing things in his life including love and hope which men like Ocean have only seen in glimpses.

Listen to “Eyes Like Sky” below.

Forrest Gump – Frank Ocean: Song of the Day 2/21

An all around classic film, Forrest Gump is engrained in American culture. After already being nominated for album of the year at the Grammy’s this year, Frank Ocean hopes to do the same one day. To help his cause, Channel Orange‘s latest single exudes creativity and depth as Ocean put himself in Jenny’s shoes as she cheers on “Forrest Gump”.

An upbeat taking on the Academy Award winning film, “Forrest Gump” is much deeper than it may appear. Ocean shocked the public when he revealed his first love was a man. Many wondered if this topic would be included on Channel Orange and as Ocean stands in for Jenny on “Forrest Gump” listeners are able to key in on Ocean’s past relationship through a film most can connect with.

Listen to “Forrest Gump” below.

Pink Matter (Remix) – Frank Ocean (feat. Big Boi & Andre 3000): Song of the Day 1/12

When it was originally rumored Big Boi and Andre 3000 were going to reunite on Frank Ocean’s “Pink Matter”, Outkast fans and music lovers in general were beyond excited. Soon the excitement turned to disappointment when Big Boi’s verse was not to be found on channel Orange. However, Big Boi is not about disappointing his fans. So, months after it’s original release, Big Boi picked up the pen and pad and created his verse for the “Pink Matter (Remix)”.

To many, “Pink Matter” was a masterpiece without Big Boi addition. The sheer emotion and depth within Ocean’s and Andre’s metaphors wowed most audiences. To have some skepticism about how Big Boi would fit into the Remix was a normal reaction. However, Andre and Big have been partners for year. It may say “Big Boi & Andre 3000” in the title, but this is definitely an Outkast reunion. Big Boi’s verse only supplements this joint.

Listen to “Pink Matter (Remix)” below.

Wise Man – Frank Ocean: Song of the Day 12/26

Frank Ocean fans had quite a scare earlier this month when reading headlines which said Frank Ocean was contemplating retirement from music. Ocean is up for multiple Grammy awards after his first album and for his fans to hear they may never get the chance to listen to another Ocean album was a little scary. Their fright did not last long. Only days after Frank’s comments, he released today’s Song of the Day.

Originally planned to be released on the Django Unchained soundtrack, “Wise Man” is a deep, powerful ballad. It is hard to think of another in today’s culture who could release a song quite like this.

Despite high praise from Django director Quentin Tarantino, “Wise Man” was not included on the soundtrack simply because there was not a scene for the track. This should not dampen the success of “Wise Man”. It should only strengthen Ocean’s argument for each one of the Grammy’s in which he is nominated.

Listen to “Wise Man” below.

Blue Whale – Frank Ocean: Song of the Day 9/25

Creativity never sleeps. When ideas develop, there is no clock.

Frank Ocean has been praised for the mass creativity on his mixtapes and his debut album Channel Orange. Most would take some time off to relax after all the work they just put in. Frank does not.

On his Tumblr page last night, Frank Ocean unexpectedly dropped an all new record. “Blue Whale” is a relaxing, smooth jam which is a form Ocean has mastered. However, Frank’s vocals are not showcased on this joint because he raps instead. Another twist offered up by Ocean.

Witness the creativity of “Blue Whale” below.