Love Rihanna – Kirko Bangz: Song of the Day 3/29

While it seems that Jay-Z and Drake are currently in a beef, it wasn’t so long ago that Drizzy was honoring Hov’s wife on “Girls Love Beyonce”. Now it is Kirko Bangz who is switching it up and confessing his desires for Drake’s girl on “Love Rihanna”.

Using the same revamped beat of “Say My Name” as Drake did, Kirko does not shy away the ultimate theme of the track. He certainly does “Love Rihanna”. While it does not look like he will be stealing her away from Drake anytime soon, “Love Rihanna” may stir the pot a little bit.

Listen to “Love Rihanna” below.


Can’t Remember to Forget You – Shakira (feat. Rihanna): Song of the Day 1/13

What seems like ages ago, Shakira teamed up with Beyonce on “Beautiful Liar” for one powerhouse duet. Now almost seven years later, Shakira is collaborating with music’s other leading lady, Rihanna, for another huge release, “Can’t Remember to Forget You”.

With similar themes to “Beautiful Liar”, “Can’t Remember to Forget You” has all the potential to be an even bigger hit for Shakira than her ‘Yonce collabo. Rihanna fits perfectly next to Shakira as their Barbadian and Columbian styles create one sexy single. If “Can’t Remember to Forget You” is not gaining enough hype already, just wait until the video drops.

Listen to “Can’t Remember to Forget You” below.



What Now – Rihanna: Song of the the Day 11/4

Although she oozes confidence at most moments, Rihanna does have times when she lets her venerability show throw. She has gone through some difficult times in her life and now she has reached a crossroads just as she is at her peak. That is why she is struggling to answer the question of “What Now”.

The next and most likely final single from Unapologetic, “What Now” is the albums answer to a power ballad. Rihanna releases all her emotions on the track, especially on the chorus which will grab right ahold of her fans. She may not be able to answer “What Now”, but if Rihanna continues to pump out tracks like this, her career is far from finished.

Listen to “What Now” below.

The Monster – Eminem (feat. Rihanna): Song of the Day 10/28

It is truly hard to imagine what is going on in the head of Eminem. One minute he seems like a normal guy and the next he is the guy spacing out on ESPN’s college football telecast. But this is what makes Eminem so appealing. What makes his music so adaptable. All because he has become friends with “The Monster”.

The fourth single from Shady’s upcoming album MMPII, “The Monster” is yet another reunion of Em and Rihanna. Over production which will have critics running straight to the word “pop”, Em and Rihanna cast a much darker shadow with their lyrics. While “The Monster” may be a track you nod your head to, listen closer to the lyrics as Marshall reveals some of the craziness he deals with within himself everyday.

Listen to “The Monster” below.

Bad (Remix) – Wale (feat. Rihanna): Song of the Day 6/7

There was no doubting the quality of Wale‘s single “Bad”. With a smooth chorus from Tiara Thomas and focused, meaningful lyrics from Wale, “Bad” had all the workings of a positive addition to The Gifted. Despite all of this, “Bad” hadn’t turned into the hit Wale was looking for. This is why he decided to give the joint a facelift for the official remix.

With revamped, radio-ready production and tweaked verses from Wale, “Bad (Remix)” is undeniably a hotter track than the original. Then just to take it up another level, Wale brought in music’s top bad girl, Rihanna, to replace Thomas on the hook. There are few times a remix outshines the original but “Bad (Remix)” will surely battle its predecessor.

Listen to “Bad (Remix)” below.

Pour It Up (Remix) – Rihanna (feat. Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, Juicy J & T.I.): Song of the Day 3/22

Ever since becoming pop music’s celebrated bad girl, Rihanna has been popping bottles with the best of them. On the original version of her Unapologetic street single, “Pour It Up”, Ri Ri produced the perfect jam for her to start sipping to. But who wants to drink alone?

For the official remix of “Pour It Up”, Rihanna brings in four of the hottest MC’s in the game to assist in her celebrations. With no new contributions from Rihanna, the entire focus of “Pour It Up (Remix)” is the new entries from Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, Juicy J, and T.I. who all know their fair share about filling cups up to the brim.

Listen to “Pour It Up (Remix)” below.

Stay – Rihanna (feat. Mikky Ekko): Song of the Day 2/11

Strip away the tattoos, the hip-hop swagger, and the eccentric behavior and you reveal the Rihanna who has gone through extreme ups and downs in her career. On her las few records, we have heard little on the side of emotion from Ri Ri. However, behind the Chris Brown feature and songs like “Pour It Up” which have been featured on Musical Breakdown already, there hides an emotional gem on Unapologetic.

Debuting last night on the Grammy’s, Rihanna showed of her vocals, lyricism, and emotional turmoil on “Stay”. With relatively unknown Mikky Ekko by her side, Rihanna opens up to the world on “Stay”. People have gotten used to the upbeat Rihanna of late. “Stay” his her reminder to the world she is human.

Watch the official video for “Stay” below.