Big Body Benz – G-Unit: Song of the Day 11/9

While their spree of hot remixes and brand new material has slowed down since their comeback occured, G-Unit is still pumping out tracks. The newest, “Big Body Benz”, comes as a bonus track off the physical release of The Beauty of Independence.

Featuring only three members of the now five member Unit, “Big Body Benz” is a departure from the norm for the group. With a relaxed flow not normally heard from 50, Banks and Kidd Kidd one would to expect some dissonance but then this the Unit we are talking about so “Big Body Benz” succeeds just like the rest.

Listen to “Big Body Benz” below.


Changes – G-Unit: Song of the Day 10/5

From splitting up, reuniting and adding a new member, G-Unit has certainly gone through some turmoil both as a group and individually. Now they are all ready to join together and vent on all the “Changes” they have experienced.

A much more personal track than they ever released while on a major label, “Changes” is truly an example of The Beauty of Independence. Each member of the Unit offers up an introspective verse highlighted by 50 Cent’s candid look at his current relationship with both Dr. Dre and Eminem.

Watch the official video for “Changes” below.

Watch Me – G-Unit: Song of the Day 8/27

They had one of the biggest surprises of the summer when they reunited after their extended hiatus. Now after releasing remix after remix, G-Unit has told everyone “Watch Me” once again as they pulled another surprise dropping their all new EP.

The leadoff track from The Beauty of Independence, the Unit’s most recent project, “Watch Me” will have everyone who didn’t catch on with their slue of remixes understanding that the Unit is back. Officially a five member crew now, G-Unit is pulling no punches and making it quite clear that they are ready for the spotlight again with joints like “Watch Me”.

Listen to “Watch Me” below.

Ahhh S**t – G-Unit: Song of the Day 8/18

With J. Cole taking the lead on the musical responses to the events taking place in Ferguson, it is no surprise more rappers are making their opinions heard. G-Unit, who usually stays away from politically charged tracks, is the latest to take to the mic and they definitely don’t hold back.

As the title clearly shows, “Ahhh S**t” takes a much more aggressive stance than Cole’s “Be Free”. Young Buck, 50 Cent and Kidd Kidd all express their rage with law enforcement and no matter your stance on the issue, “Ahhh S**t” deserves a listen.

Listen to “Ahhh S**t” below.



Come Up – G-Unit: Song of the Day 7/28

G-Unit came back with avengence after their long hiatus with a slue of hot remixes this summer. After teasing our pallets, the Unit is now ready to give us the main course with their first original track, with a sample from The Gap Band, since they’ve reunited, “Come Up”.

They’ve destroyed every song they’ve jump on during their comeback tour and the run will not stop with “Come Up”. There is no word on if “Come Up” will lead to a larger project but with the high they are riding, this joint should only lead to more from 50’s crew.

Listen to “Come Up” below.

Loyal – G-Unit: Song of the Day 7/6

Over the course of their run in the music business, G-Unit has had questions with the loyalty of its members. However, now that they are at their strongest in years they are only questioning how “Loyal” their ladies are in their life in the group’s latest remix.

This time around G-Unit is taking on one of the biggest hits of the year in Chris Brown’s “Loyal”. While the group has blown through tracks in the past month, this might be the first time they missed the target a little bit but even still the Unit put together yet another banger for the summer season.

Listen to “Loyal” below.

Move That Dope – G-Unit: Song of the Day 7/2

Most were impressed about how hard Future’s “Move That Dope” went when he dropped it off as the fourth single from his album Honest. Well even with the additions of Pusha T and Pharrell to track it just does not compare to what G-Unit just did to the remix.

Yet another hop mix from the men of the Unit, “Move That Dope” might be the hardest this quintet has gone since their revival. While the may be questions about the street credentials of some of the MC’s out there today, there is no doubt that these guys know how to “Move That Dope”.

Listen to “Move That Dope” below.