2015 Flow – YG: Song of the Day 12/5

To say that YG was disappointed to see that he was not nominated for a GRAMMY for his work on My Krazy Life would be an understatement. And after losing out to Iggy Azalea and Wiz Khalifa for Best Rap Album, YG decided to take his frustrations out on “2015 Flow”.

While controversy has surrounded the GRAMMYs interpretation of quality hip-hop for years, YG makes it known on “2015 Flow” that there is a glaring disconnect this year. And if “2015 Flow” is any sign, YG has big things planned for next year, GRAMMY nomination or not.

Listen to “2015 Flow” below.


Don’t Tell Em (Remix) – T.I.: Song of the Day 8/30

With Jeremih’s latest single quickly rising up the charts, it is only right that MC’s are hopping on “Don’t Tell Em” to add brand new verses. T.I., who is in full album promo mode, is the latest to do the remix thing.

While he does not take over the entire track, T.I. is a welcome addition to his “Don’t Tell Em (Remix)”. Both Jeremih and YG’s contributions stay the same as the original but it is T.I.P. who opens up the track and does his thing over another DJ Mustard beat.

Listen to “Don’t Tell Em (Remix)” below.

Face Down – DJ Mustard (feat. Lil Wayne, Big Sean, YG & Lil Boosie): Song of the Day 8/17

He has produced some of the hottest beats in the game for some of the biggest names in the business over the course of the past few years. Now DJ Mustard is ready to drop his own album and the marquee names continue to roll in especially on tracks like “Face Down”.

The standout track from Mustard debut album 10 Summers, “Face Down” brings in the big guns as Mustard delivers the goods. The verses from Lil Wayne, Big Sean, YG and Lil Boosie are only enhanced by Mustard’s signature production which once again bangs the speakers.

Listen to “Face Down” below.

Who Do You Love? (Remix) – Fabolous (feat. Trey Songz): Song of the Day 5/22

When YG asked his woman “Who Do You Love?” he was only competing with one other guys. This wasn’t much of an issue for YG. But now that Fabolous is taking over for the “Who Do You Love? (Remix)?” he is not only against the rest of the rappers in the game but the designer purse on her arm.

Taking YG’s hit and giving it his own creative spin, Fabolous really shows out on the all new “Who Do You Love? (Remix)”. The track was originally released as a solo track with a video to accompany it but Trey Songz decided to join the party asking his lady why she is always all over every big time MC when they come in town.

Listen to “Who Do You Love (Remix)” below.

Don’t Tell Em – Jeremih (feat. YG): Song of the Day 5/18

He dropped a hit mixtape and continues to be a constant collaborator with some of the biggest names in the game but it has been four years since Jeremih released an album. However, now it seems that he is finally ready to drop another full length and the first single is here in the form of “Don’t Tell Em”.

Over a beat that could easily be mistaken for Kid Ink’s “Show Me”, Jeremih tells his lady to keep their after hours activities on the down low on “Don’t Tell Em”. After recently releasing an album himself, YG provides the guest verse for “Don’t Tell Em” as he continues his rise while Jeremih hopes that “Don’t Tell Em” will be the start he hopes for in his attempt to get back on the LP grind.

Listen to “Don’t Tell Em” below.

Me & My B***h – YG (feat. Tory Lanez): Song of the Day 3/27

They  have money, cars, and fame but it seems that even the high and might have relationship problems. Emerging star YG details the issues he had with his last real girlfriend on “Me & My B***h”.

The smoothest track off YG’s debut project My Krazy Life, “Me & My B***h” may sound like a typical rap ballad but when diving into the lyrics a little it is clear to see that YG’s past relationships have been everything but smooth. Tory Lanez provides the hook for “Me & My B***h” as he continues to climb up the ladder towards his own solo debut.

Listen to “Me & My B***h” below.



Who Do You Love? – YG (feat. Drake): Song of the Day 3/22

It seem that now more than ever, it is hard for anyone in a relationship to stay completely faithful. This even goes for the women who are involved with starts like YG. That is why he is asking his cheating girl “Who Do You Love?”

The second single from his debut album My Krazy Life, “Who Do You Love?” may be about YG’s love life but it does not skimp on the beat. Drake joins YG for one of the many hot features from the album and really makes “Who Do You Love?” a solidified banger.

Watch the official video for “Who Do You Love?” below.