Touchin, Lovin – Trey Songz (feat. Nicki Minaj): Song of the Day 12/1

After pumping out three consecutive well-performing single to promote Trigga, Trey Songz took a brief hiatus from his most recent album. But now Trey has returned with the long awaited video for “Touchin, Lovin” to bring back hype.

What seemed like the obvious choice for Songz’s next hit, “Touchin, Lovin” has proved to be just that. In reality, when you combine a hot beat, ridiculously catchy lyrics and a dope verse from Nicki Minaj, it would have been surprising if “Touchin, Lovin” didn’t live up to the hype.

Watch the official video for “Touchin, Lovin” below.


Made Me (Remix) – Chris Brown & Trey Songz: Song of the Day 10/17

WIth each one of their remixes, Chris Brown and Trey Songz have given a facelift to some of the hottest tracks in circulation. And to finish out their mini mixtape, the R&B superstars are taking back to the hood with the “Made Me (Remix)”

The original track brought Snootie Wild out of obscurity and now that Breezy and Trigga have hopped on his unbelievably catchy “Made Me” joint, Wild’s stock has continued to rise. But once again it is the heavyweight duo who have taken over the competition’s own track to make it their own.

Listen to “Made Me (Remix)” below.

Not For Long – B.o.B (feat. Trey Songz): Song of the Day 10/13

He took it to the hood with his last album and while B.o.B put together some certifiable bangers, he had the poorest album sales of his career. Now he is returning to the form from his first two projects on his brand new single “Not For Long” with hopes of returning to prominence.

Much more similar to tracks like “Airplanes” and “Nothing On You” which made Bobby Ray a household name, “Not For Long” combines B.o.B rapping skills with his pop sensibility. Trey Songz joins the ATL rapper and provides the hook for this radio-ready hit which may still be under the radar but “Not For Long”.

Listen to “Not For Long” below.

24 Hours – Chris Brown & Trey Songz: Song of the Day 10/10

While there still has not been an official announcement on their joint tour, but after what Chris Brown and Trey Songz released today it has to be close. After remixing a couple of the hottest joints on the radio already, these two R&B stars are now taking on “24 Hours”.

Part of the four track mini mixtape TRGAxBRZY which Brown dropped on his Soundcloud page, “24 Hours” is another remix which this combo absolutely slays. While TeeFLii has made a name for himself with the original version, it really is hard to compete with two of the best in the game.

Listen to “24 Hours” below.

Songs On 12 Play – Chris Brown (feat. Trey Songz): Song of the Day 9/25

When it comes to young R&B artists, they all seem to have one thing in common. They were influenced by R. Kelly. This included both Chris Brown and Trey Songz who decided to show their admiration for Kells with a few “Songs On 12 Play”.

With them heading out on tour very soon, expect to be hearing quite a lot of “Songs On 12 Play” in the near future. Melding titles of some of Kelly’s most famous hits into the lyrics, Breezy and Trigga put together a slow jam of which the master of the bedroom ballad would be proud.

Listen to “Songs On 12 Play” below.

Tuesday (Remix) – Chris Brown & Trey Songz: Song of the Day 9/14

They will be heading on a joint tour together, they have a collaboration on X and now Chris Brown and Trey Songz have teamed up again. Taking on one of the most popular tracks out today, Breezy and Trigga are going to show exactly how to party on a “Tuesday”.

Drake certainly upped the iLoveMakonnen hit when he provided an additional verse but what Brown and Songz have done for their “Tuesday (Remix)” tops all other competitors. Taking the R&B approach and bouncing back and forth with each other, this “Tuesday (Remix)” shows exactly how two of the best can take an already hot song and push it over the edge.

Listen to “Tuesday (Remix)” below.

Dat Foreign (Beast Mix) – Ace Hood: Song of the Day 9/4

Trey Songz prided himself on his taste for international women on Trigga. Now it seems like his preferences have been adopted by Ace Hood who has become a big fan of “Dat Foreign” as well.

One of the eleven Beast Mixes from Hood’s recently released mixtape, Body Bag 3, “Dat Foreign” has Hood working over Trey’s hit “Foreign”. While the project doesn’t have any new original material from Hood, tracks like “Dat Foreign” have him working over production outside his comfort zone and show that Ace is starting to expand his game.

Listen to “Dat Foreign (Beast Mix)” below.