Forever Love – Robin Thicke: Song of the Day 6/30

So Robin Thicke really wasn’t messing around when he said he wrote an entire album dedicated estranged wife Paula Patton. As seen on the BET Awards, Thicke seems genuinely distraught about their situation but he is not about to give up on their “Forever Love”.

On a night filled with banging hip-hop performances, Thicke’s rendition of “Forever Love” truly stood out. The track fits right in with his new album Paula which is filled with from start to finish with ballads all with one goal in mind. Winning Paula back.

Listen to “Forever Love” below.


For the Rest of My Life, Pt. 2 – Robin Thicke (feat. Tamar Braxton): Song of the Day 5/24

Robin Thicke did say that his Blurred Lines album was he least personal of his career. However, it’s second single “For the Rest of My Life” was quite the ode to Paula Patton. But then the track which was seemingly waiting for a female voice got one when Thicke brought out the sequel, “For the Rest of My Life, Pt. 2”.

Even though a duet with Paula Patton for “For the Rest of My Life, Pt. 2” was not going to happen even before their split, Thicke did make a great choice for his partner on this track. R&B songstress Tamar Braxton fits perfectly on heartfelt ballad which now feels complete with their symbiotic back and forth.

Listen to “For the Rest of My Life, Pt. 2” below.

Get Her Back – Robin Thicke: Song of the Day 5/19

They were teenage sweethearts who made it work despite both of them reaching stardom and battling obvious temptations. But the lights of Hollywood finally took their toll on Robin Thicke as he split up with his wife Paula Patton in a very public separation a few months ago. But now Thicke has seen his missteps and is making it known that he is going to “Get Her Back”.

A brand new release debuted during last night’s Billboard Music Awards, “Get Her Back” is a transition musically back to the early days of Thicke’s career when Patton was his main focus. With little more than a guitar to accompany his sultry voice which oozes pain and sorrow, Thicke may have much more work to do to get his lady back than release “Get Her Back”, but this track is certainly a step in the right direction.

Listen to “Get Her Back” below.



Ride Like The Wind – Robin Thicke (feat. Ron Burgundy): Song of the Day 12/10

It is hard to argue against Robin Thicke being the the classiest man in the music business today. So it should no surprise that Thicke prefers to associate with stylish men like himself, even if they are fictional. That is why he is staying classy with Ron Burgundy and his jazz flute for “Ride Like The Wind”.

An complete original for the Anchorman 2 soundtrack, “Ride Like The Wind” would be a completely serious track with hit potential even if Thicke only dropped the vocals. However, the track is laced with hilarious ad-libs by Will Ferrel’s character, Ron Burgundy, which will have listeners rolling on the floor.

Listen to “Ride Like The Wind” below


Go Stupid 4 You – Robin Thicke: Song of the Day 8/3

Love can do some crazy things including turning the most intelligent person into a love-struck simpleton. Robin Thicke has quickly realized this but seems to be embracing the feeling. Because now he is offering to “Go Stupid 4 You”.

Combining the old school Thicke and the new school, “Go Stupid 4 You” is a testament to Thicke’s growth as an artist. He has embraced both his soul roots and EDM craze which he combines on “Go Stupid 4 You” so well that it can easily be overlooked. He may be going stupid for love be Thicke is still retaining his musical genius.

Listen to “Go Stupid 4 You” below.

Give It 2 You – Robin Thicke (feat. Kendrick Lamar): Song of the Day 7/17

Rather than focusing on one certain style for his upcoming album Blurred Lines, Robin Thicke is showing off his versatility with his early releases. First it was the title track which is the perfect R&B/rap collaboration. Then, Thicke followed it up with his classic slow jam on “For The Rest of My Life”. Now for today’s Song of the Day, Thicke is getting straight up pop with “Give It 2 You”.

The track Thicke decided to make available to fans when the pre-order Blurred Lines, “Give It 2 You” is a sign of Thicke adapting to the times. With EDM roots, “Give It 2 You” is a track nobody would have expected earlier in his career. However, with assistance from Kendrick Lamar, “Give It 2 You” proves to be a success in the end.

Listen to “Give It 2 You” below.

For the Rest of My Life – Robin Thicke: Song of the Day 6/6

He may have been known for his sultry voice, beautiful falsetto, and a collection of classic love ballads but it took Robin Thicke to pull out his dancing shoes on “Blurred Lines” to finally breakthrough the top 10 on the charts. Although this upbeat, fun side of Thicke has garnered him more attention and anticipation for his upcoming album, his second single and today’s Song of the Day feels right at home in Thicke’s comfort zone.

The story of Thicke’s up and down courtship of his teenage lover, “For the Rest of My Life” is a beautiful combination of storytelling and Thicke’s graceful voice. While “Blurred Lines” has made a home on the radio, expect to be hearing “For the Rest of My Life” at anniversaries and weddings for years to come. That is exactly where Thicke’s voice and this easily relatable ballad belong.

Listen to “For the Rest of My Life” below.