All I Need – Lloyd: Song of the Day 7/14

It’s been a minute since the world has heard from Lloyd but it is obvious that he has not lost a step during his layoff. While it may not be included on any project of his own, Lloyd‘s new track “All I Need” will have the ladies screaming his name once again.

Coming off of Slade Da Monster’s upcoming album Hotter Than July 19, “All I Need” is Lloyd as his finest over Monster’s own production. The combination of dark sexuality and Lloyd’s effortless flow make “All I Need” a must add to your bedroom playlist for this summer season.

Listen to “All I Need” below.


Twerk Off – Lloyd (feat. Juicy J): Song of the Day 1/21

The night is young and the weather is warm. Lloyd is strolling into the club looking for a good time and a girl to bring home. Now Lloyd is one of the bigger names in R&B today so being that special girl is no easy task. In order to figure out who he wants, Lloyd has decided to have a “Twerk Off”.

A promotional single yet to be tied to a specific project, “Twerk Off” is a perfect link for Lloyd to the clubs in 2013. One of the hotter fads in dance today, twerking is recognizable from afar and it is exactly what Young Goldie is attracted to if performed well. Assisting Lloyd in his search is twerking aficionado, Juicy J, who feels right at home on this joint as he lets the cash fall from the ceiling once again.

Listen to “Twerk Off” below.

Night & Day – Lloyd (feat. Lil Wayne & Trae Tha Truth): Song of the Day 10/29

The first chapter of The Playboy Diaries Vol. 1 revealed to all of Lloyd‘s fans that he was on a “Sexcapade” for the ages. Now no good “Sexcapade” would be any good if it only lasted a few hours. This is why Lloyd is making sure his girls gets it all “Night & Day”.

Undoubtably the most hyped track from The Playboy Diaries Vol. 1 mixtape, “Night & Day” features both Lil Wayne and Trae Tha Truth, who both provide an extra dose of sexuality. However, neither overshadow Lloyd’s captivating falsetto.

Listen to “Night & Day” below.

Sexcapade – Lloyd (feat. Roscoe Dash): Song of the Day 10/19

Not to surprise anyone, but Lloyd does not have a tough time getting ladies. One of the top crooners in the game today, Young Goldie is living the life as his latest release would tell us. This man is on a serious “Sexcapade”.

The first release from his upcoming mixtape The Playboy Diaries, Vol. 1, “Sexcapade” recalls one of Lloyd’s more freaky nights. A remake of Aaliyah’s “4 Page Letter”, Lloyd will surely attract the female fans with this one. Accompanying Lloyd’s sultry voice is Roscoe Dash who contributes his usual high energy bars.

Listen to “Sexcapade” below.

All of Me – Lloyd (feat. Wale): Song of the Day 8/31

Young Goldie is back on Musical Breakdown and he is slowing it way down. With assistance from MMG’s hottest MC, Wale, Lloyd treated his fans today to a free release and some sensuality.

Lloyd and his sultry voice give it 100% on “All of Me” while he urges his girl to go all out as well. Wale’s sound is a great reminder of his success on “Lotus Flower Bomb” and is a solid addition to the track.

Check out “All of Me” below.


Zodiac Sign – Roscoe Dash (feat. Lloyd): Song of the Day 8/17

Most of Roscoe Dash‘s commercial success in his career thus far has come as the feature on someone else’s hit. On his latest mixtape, 2.0, Roscoe is showing an updated version of himself. This one is all about him.

One of the many tracks with hit potential on 2.0. is “Zodiac Sign”. Although not an overly original topic, Roscoe shows he can provide the swagger to be the number one man on the track. Roscoe provides some head nodding bars with his very recognizable voice. The feature from Lloyd on the hook definitely seals the deal that “Zodiac Sign” is a hit.

Check out “Zodiac Sign” below and download Roscoe Dash’s 2.0 here.

Turn On The Lights (Remix) – Lloyd: Song of the Day 8/3

Undoubtably one of the dopest beats heard so far this year, “Turn On The Lights” has been one of those joints that every MC has wanted to hop on. Produced by Mike Will Made It and originally performed by Future, “Turn On The Lights” saw major success on Future’s album Pluto. However, some beats are just made for a performer. Lloyd seems to be the one for this.

Compared to Future’s raspy, autotuned lyrics, Lloyd’s sultry voice flows much better of Mike Will Made It’s synth beat. Not officially tied to any project, Lloyd’s remix of “Turn On The Lights” has received heavy praise from listeners and now with the official video released, “Turn On The Lights (Remix)” is buzzing.

Check out “Turn On The Lights (Remix)” below.