Lay Down – Fabolous (feat. Ryan Leslie): Song of the Day 12/25

It is the holiday season again and for Fabolous fans that means a new mixtape is here. Loso dropped off the third installment of The Soul Tape today and gift wrapped it with some hits like today’s Song of the Day, “Lay Down”.

After appearing on his buddy Ryan Leslie’s Black Mozart, Fabolous decided to another jack a beat from for his version of “Lay Down”. With Les on the hook, Fab sails over the piano and electric guitar-laced production of “Lay Down” while succumbing to the beauty of his lady. Sip slowing, listen intently, and “Lay Down” to another classic Soul joint from Fabolous.

Listen to “Lay Down” below.


Lay Down – Ryan Leslie: Song of the Day 9/22

Despite developing his sound and challenging himself to produce tracks which have never been associated with Ryan Leslie, his classic sound from his first three albums keeps Leslie’s renegades coming back for more. While most of Black Mozart does have a different vibe, today’s Song of the Day, “Lay Down”, brings back an younger Les.

Continuing the trend of late in the industry of making lengthy tracks instead of focusing on short singles, “Lay Down” is a refreshing, soothing track which perfectly breaks up the bangers on Black Mozart. Although he has focused more on rap since going independent, “Lay Down” bring back more of Leslie’s R&B flow which never disappoints over his focused piano work. Development is great, but returning to old form once and awhile never hurts. “Lay Down” is a perfect of this for Leslie.

Listen to “Lay Down” below.

Black Mozart – Ryan Leslie: Song of the Day 9/14

The skill of Ryan Leslie in every feature of the music process is undeniable. However, since he produces most of his music, it usually sounds relatively simmilar. Not so much anymore. For his latest album’s title track, “Black Mozart”, R. Les gets things turnt up.

Over production from Cardiak, which absolutely bangs, Leslie claims the throne as the “Black Mozart”. This track is unlike anything ever heard from Leslie, and gives him undoubtably at track which will tear the club up. Few could get away with calling themselves the “Black Mozart”, but R. Les is one of them.

Listen to “Black Mozart” below.

The Black Flag – Ryan Leslie: Song of the Day 7/11

He may be only a month away from releasing Black Mozart, but Ryan Leslie is still pushing his first independent project. Les Is More has already produced a plethora of videos but all of a sudden Leslie decided to get in front of the camera again. This time he is bringing along “The Black Flag”.

Once again Ryan Leslie shows off his producing prowess on “The Black Flag” but it is Les’ lyrical content which really takes the cake. Although the themes of luxury and struggle are similar to his past releases, Leslie puts together some impressive bars which would battle most tracks. Returning to “The Black Flag” was a thoughtful move by Leslie.

Watch the official video for “The Black Flag” below.

Swiss Francs – Ryan Leslie: Song of the Day 5/10

He is no longer signed to a major album, and his upcoming fourth album has seemingly been halted, but Ryan Leslie is still living a luxury lifestyle. He is not confined to the borders of the United States either. Les is making “Swiss Francs” all over the globe.

The seventh installment of Les Is More‘s video album, “Swiss Francs” is all about the money. With heavy brass production by Leslie himself, “Swiss Francs” holds nothing back calling out all the haters while showcasing his wealth. He may be underrated and unsigned but Ryan Leslie is piling up the “Swiss Francs”.

Watch the official video for “Swiss Francs” below.

Carnival of Venice – Ryan Leslie: Song of the Day 1/29

It may have taken an extended period of time for Ryan Leslie to release his critically acclaimed third album, Les Is More. However, now that the project has dropped, Leslie is back in the studio and ready to drop his next project Black Mozart, only 3 months removed from Les Is More. The latest release from the project has Leslie turing over the production reigns and he takes off to Venice.

Most of the time, Leslie controls all aspects of his tracks. From the production, writing, and rapping/singing, it is all RLes. However, for “Carnival of Venice”, Leslie switches is up having !illmind produce the track while Les destroys the bars. Flaunting his extravagant lifestyle, “Carnival of Venice” is the track which will have the world buzzing about Black Mozart.

Watch the official video for “Carnival of Venice” below.

Life Is So Exciting (Remix) – Fabolous (feat. Pusha T & Ryan Leslie): Song of the Day 1/10

With the type of money Fabolous is making after being in the game for over a decade, who is to say his life is not full of excitement? Well, just incase anyone doubted how amazing Fab’s life has turned out to be, today’s Song of the Day will surely erase your doubt.

After the original version was featured on Fab’s The Soul Tape II, the MC decided to bring in one of his closest friends and collaborators to join the lineup and explain why “Life Is So Exciting”. Already a serious jam with Fab and Pusha T, the addition of Ryan Leslie has pushed “Life Is So Exciting (Remix)” over the top. The sheer exuberance from all three men flows through their bars on this one. A quality remix brought to you by Fabolous.

Watch the official video for “Life Is So Exciting (Remix)” below.