She Knows – Ne-Yo (feat. Juicy J): Song of the Day 9/17

Ne-Yo has always been in tune with the power females can have over their male counterparts. He praised his “Ms. Independent” and now he his finding out that “She Knows” exactly what she is working with even years later.

Sporting a hot beat and a verse from Juicy J, “She Knows” was made for success even before Ne-Yo decided to join the party. But with renewed energy, Ne-Yo makes himself the star of “She Knows” and reminds everyone he’s not to be forgotten in the R&B game.

Listen to “She Knows” below.


Money Can’t Buy – Ne-Yo (feat. Young Jeezy): Song of the Day 5/27

He stepped away from his classic urban flow on his last album to test of the waters of the dance scene. After lackluster results, Ne-Yo is now back with his old groove back and it sounds just right on “Money Can’t Buy”.

His brand new single from his upcoming album Non Fiction, “Money Can’t Buy” could be Ne-Yo’s realization that his niche in the game might be the best place for him despite his willingness to expand his sound. Young Jeezy joins the Compound crooner on the track which praises those woman who offer more than anything money could ever offer.

Listen to “Money Can’t Buy” below.



New Love – Ne-Yo: Song of the Day 2/15

Since the hype around his most recent album R.E.D. died down midway through 2013, Ne-Yo has been laying low. However, the R&B star decided to break his silence on Valentine’s Day to offer up some tips on “New Love”.

Part of the free 3 Simple Rules EP, “New Love” brings Ne-Yo back a few decades. With a doo-wop vibe, Ne-Yo’s voice shines on the track while he advises his listeners to keep their relationships full of “New Love” to make it strong.

Listen to “New Love” below.

Should Be You – Ne-Yo (feat. Fabolous & Diddy): Song of the Day 10/24

While Ne-Yo was trying to reinvent himself on his most recent album R.E.D. with more pop tracks, it’s the tracks which possess his old school R&B sound which are standouts from the album. “Let Me Love You” and “Forever Now”  may have gotten the dance floor packed, but it was tracks like “Should Be You” which had devoted Ne-Yo fans smiling the widest.

All about reminiscing and hoping for different situations, “Should Be You” is another slow-jam which has Ne-Yo completely in touch with emotion. To supplement Ne-Yo’s performance are Fabolous and Diddy, two MC’s who have dominated the breakup track for hip-hop. It’s airplay may have been minimal but “Should Be You” is the sound Ne-Yo is fit for and one he needs to not forget about in his future endeavors.

Listen to “Should Be You” below.

It’s All Good – Ne-Yo (feat. Cher Lloyd): Song of the Day 6/22

Somedays are nothing short of terrible. Nothing seems to go right and you would pay any amount for a good pick-me-up. Well, this is where Ne-Yo comes into play, because his latest release will cheer up anyone down in the dumps.

Not associated to any larger project yet, “It’s All Good” is about as radio ready as they come with the upbeat production and simple, catchy lyrics. Ne-Yo and rising pop star Cher Lloyd trade verses telling the stories of their terrible days, but even these two know that there is nowhere to go but up and that “It’s All Good”.

Listen to “It’s All Good” below.

Forever Now – Ne-Yo: Song of the Day 12/5

A romantic from the start, Ne-Yo has had his ups and downs in relationships. These have been well documented in his songwriting and his VH1 Behind The Music episode. For his latest single off R.E.D., it seems Ne-Yo received the short end of the stick once again.

Over a danceable, uptempo beat, Ne-Yo juxtaposes the production with his sad story on “Forever Now”. The R&B crooner seems to have lost his woman to another man and now all the plans he has made for the future have been shattered. Do not be fooled by the pop vibe of this track. “Forever Now” still is full of lyrical substance which the pop landscape has been lacking.

Watch the official video for “Forever Now” below.

Burning Up – Ne-Yo: Song of the Day 11/11

Prior to releasing his latest album R.E.D., Ne-Yo had only been a feature on other artist’s pop, club heavy joints. Most notably Pitbull’s “Give Me Everything”. Now it is Ne-Yo’s turn to try out the genre as the lead act and he has already had success with “Let Me Love You (Until You Learn to Love Yourself)”. This time around, Ne-Yo is on Musical Breakdown with “Burning Up”.

Sensual and pulse-pounding, “Burning Up” is perfect club track for Ne-Yo. His almost whispering verses are a tremendous crescendo to the chorus which only provides a suitable climax. Ne-Yo seems to have adapted well to the times.

Watch the official video for “Burning Up” below.