About The Money (Remix) – T.I. (feat. Young Thug, Young Jeezy & Lil Wayne): Song of the Day 10/24

He released his album Paperwork on Tuesday but T.I. is waisting no time to drop new music not included on the project. This starts with the official remix to his album’s star track which now features a couple more huge names.

Not only does the “About The Money (Remix)” bring back the dynamic duo of T.I.P. and Young Thug for another round but the King decided to give the track even more bunch with a couple more MC’s. Both Young Jeezy and Lil Wayne provide bars for the remix which T.I. hopes will spur even more buzz for his ninth full-length.

Listen to “About The Money (Remix)” below.


Holy Ghost (Remix) – Young Jeezy (feat. Kendrick Lamar): Song of the Day 9/3

Only hours after dropping his highly anticipated album Seen It All, Young Jeezy decided to make the day even more special. Out of left field he brought in one of the hottest rappers in the game for the official “Holy Ghost (Remix)”.

Jeezy’s name has been on everyone lips all day. Between the praise for his album and recruiting Kendrick Lamar for the “Holy Ghost (Remix)” it would be hard to not have taken notice. K. Dot has been quite of late but comes back in a big way with this joint which will make some wonder why it was not included on any version of Seen It All.

Listen to “Holy Ghost (Remix)” below.


Beez Like – Young Jeezy (feat. Lil Boosie): Song of the Day 9/1

He has already made it clear that he has “Seen It All” through his come-up in the game. Now Young Jeezy is ready to divulge every detail of his life on his Autobiography because he can tell you what it “Beez Like”.

Found on the Deluxe Edition of Seen It All which drops at midnight, “Beez Like” fits right in with the autobiographical theme of Jeezy’s latest project. However, Young and Lil Boosie take a more optimistic approach with “Beez Like”, especially with the upbeat production, than most other tracks on the album which makes this cut a welcomed addition.

Listen to “Beez Like” below.

Beautiful – Young Jeezy (feat. Rick Ross & The Game): Song of the Day 8/13

As his last single with Jay-Z clearly told, Young Jeezy has truly “Seen It All”. Even though this includes some dark times filled with crime and pain, Jeezy has also experienced some “Beautiful” moments too.

The second single from Jeezy’s highly anticipated upcoming album, “Beautiful” celebrates all that is precious in Jeezy’s life. Rick Ross and The Game drops two hot verses for “Beautiful” but its is The Snowman who’s flow stands above the rest on this joint.

Listen to “Beautiful” below.


Seen It All – Young Jeezy (feat. Jay-Z): Song of the Day 7/1

Were you wondering what the next big rap track of the summer was going to be? Well, it may have just arrived as Young Jeezy returns to Musical Breakdown with what could be his biggest hit in a few years while he recounts his crazy life on “Seen It All”.

The title track off his upcoming album which is scheduled to arrive in September, “Seen It All” boast some serious credentials. Not only does it prosper from creative production but with the addition of Jay-Z to the track, “Seen It All” has arguably two of the best verses of thus far in 2014.

Listen to “Seen It All” below.

Money Can’t Buy – Ne-Yo (feat. Young Jeezy): Song of the Day 5/27

He stepped away from his classic urban flow on his last album to test of the waters of the dance scene. After lackluster results, Ne-Yo is now back with his old groove back and it sounds just right on “Money Can’t Buy”.

His brand new single from his upcoming album Non Fiction, “Money Can’t Buy” could be Ne-Yo’s realization that his niche in the game might be the best place for him despite his willingness to expand his sound. Young Jeezy joins the Compound crooner on the track which praises those woman who offer more than anything money could ever offer.

Listen to “Money Can’t Buy” below.



War Ready – Rick Ross (feat. Young Jeezy): Song of the Day 2/8

It is hard to find a rapper who goes as hard as often as Rick Ross does. Every album Rozay seems to have a plethora of bangers for the streets and for Mastermind the same is expected especially after the release of “War Ready”.

The track which will be available if you pre-order Mastermind, “War Ready” is an extended joint produced by Mike Will Made It which will have any trunk shaking. Setting aside their previous beef, Young Jeezy joins Rick Ross on “War Ready” to bring together two of the streets most loyal riders.

Listen to “War Ready” below.