Lunch Money – Pusha T: Song of the Day 11/18

Outside of a handful of guest appearences, Pusha T has been pretty quite since releasing My Name Is My Name. That silent period ended in a big way as Push surprised us all as he dropped off his “Lunch Money”.

While his rhymes on “Lunch Money” continue his streak of impressive efforts, it is physically hard to make King Push’s lyrics the focal point of the track. That is because Kanye West put together polarizing production for “Lunch Money” which will have fans arguing over if it is groundbreaking or just simply crazy.

Listen to “Lunch Money” below.


40 Mill – Tyga: Song of the Day 10/14

His displeasure with Young Money was clearly evident during his Twitter rant about his label’s lack of interest to release The Gold Album. While there is no knowing how much longer Tyga will be part of YMCMB, it is obvious Tyga got the attention of his execs as he has finally released his highly anticipated single, “40 Mill”.

The details have been known about this Kanye West, Mike Dean-produced track for months now and now that “40 Mill” has dropped it is put up or shut up time for Tyga. With the hopes of getting some movement on his album, Tyga has to hope that this banger brings the attention back to T-Raww who was unable to so with Hotel California.

Listen to “40 Mill” below.

Black Bruce Wayne (Snippet) – Kanye West: Song of the Day 5/31

While there are many that only care about Kanye West‘s recently marriage to Kim Kardashian, those fans who are in love with Yeezy’s music were even more excited in the past days over a 30 second clip. Little is known about West’s upcoming album but the “Black Bruce Wayne (Snippet)” might be the first bars attached to it.

Even though Kanye only raps for around 12 seconds on the “Black Bruce Wayne (Snippet)”, the excitement for what this track could be is at an ultimate high. While there has been no confirmation that this snippet is truly a part of Kanye’s upcoming work or actually something unreleased from the past, people will centainly hope to hear more from “Black Bruce Wayne”.

Listen to “Black Bruce Wayne (Snippet)” below.


I Won – Future (feat. Kanye West): Song of the Day 4/9

They may have once been players going after every girl they desired but now they have found the one. Future and Kanye West are so happy about finding their soulmates that they have proclaimed their victory together on “I Won”.

The most anticipated track from Future’s upcoming album Honest, “I Won” is an ode to both Ciara and Kim Kardashian who have made these men so happy. Future uses his patented autotune to serenade his lady while Kanye gets a little nasty with his verse and even honor the rest of the Kardashian women.

Listen to “I Won” below.

Sanctified – Rick Ross (feat. Big Sean & Kanye West): Song of the Day 3/8

There have been big singles off of Mastermind  and huge features already but when Rick Ross dropped off his most recent project there was only one track everyone was buzzing about. The beat, the features, the sample, it is all there on “Sanctified”.

Featuring a recreated verse from Betty Wright, “Sanctified” my start off as a sermon but really goes in once Kanye West’s production drops. Yeezus also drops a tight verse for “Sanctified” to join Big Sean’s chorus and Rick Ross himself who caps of the track with a verse fit for a boss.

Listen to “Sanctified” below.


Drunk In Love (Remix) – Beyonce (feat. Kanye West & Jay-Z): Song of the Day 2/14

It is no surprise that the duet of Beyonce and Jay-Z on “Drunk In Love” has become the standout track from Queen Bey’s self-titled album. Now usually the top track from a rap or R&B album like this will get the remix treatment and who better to do that for this joint than Yonce and Hov’s good friend Kanye West.

With a revamped beat which somehow Kanye made better than the original, “Drunk In Love (Remix)” will pound speakers and have people pressing repeat over and over again. While Beyonce and Jay’s parts both remain the same, Yeezy contributes brand new material which is dedicated to his love, Kim Kardashian.

Listen to “Drunk In Love (Remix)” below.

Bound 2 (Remix) – RIck Ross: Song of the Day 1/16

Even though Mastermind has been pushed back to a March 4 release date, Rick Ross is still keeping his hype buzzing. With his official album trailer directed by Hype Williams dropping and the video for Rozay’s “Bound 2 (Remix)” taking charge on the internet, Rick Ross is still at the top of his game.

Despite being track of Yeezus which is suited least towards his flow, Rick Ross does manage to make Kanye’s old school track his own on “Bound 2 (Remix)”. This is no love song like the original version, but Rozay does bring the boisterous boss out on this top notch remix.

Watch the official video for “Bound 2 (Remix)” below.