Schemin Up – OB OBrien (feat. Drake & P Reign): Song of the Day 12/14

Following in the footsteps of his mentor Lil Wayne, Drake is now spending much of his time working with his own artists and promoting their music. This started with P Reign and now moves on to OB OBrien with the all new single, “Schemin Up”.

With all the feelings of a breakout track, “Schemin Up” could provide a big stepping stone for OB OBrien’s career. And while he does claim the head stop on the track, it’s obviously Drake who rules “Schemin Up” over OBrien and P Reign who also joins the track for his won 16 bars.

Listen to “Schemin Up” below.


Sho Me Love – Rich Gang (feat. Juvenile): Song of the Day 11/12

He was one of the crowning achievements of Cash Money during its rise but then Juvenile and his label had a fallout. After years of separation Juve is back with his old mates from New Orleans for the first single from Birdman’s upcoming album.

Nothing short of a showcase for Juvenile’s return, “Sho Me Love” is a warm welcome back for the Cash Money star. While Drake provides the simplistic hook, he goes uncredited so Juvenile can hold it down for Rich Gang in his return.

Listen to “Sho Me Love” below.

Never Satisfied – Future (feat. Drake): Song of the Day 11/6

What was one of the most the most hyped tracks from Future‘s album Honest, “Never Satisfied” seemed either unfinished or inexplicably cut short. Well it seem that in fact it was shorted as we now have the full version of “Never Satisfied” in our hands.

Provided by the hands of its producer Mike Will Made It, the “Never Satisfied” full-version will surely satisfy fans who’ve waited patiently to hear the rest of the track. More than anything this version lets listeners get a whole dose of Drake which is exactly what they wanted when “Never Satisfied” was first released.

Listen to “Never Satisfied” below.

Only – Nicki Minaj (feat. Drake, Lil Wayne & Chris Brown): Song of the Day 10/28

She has been riding high on her highest charting single to date. But now it is time for Nicki Minaj to put “Anaconda” behind and continue pushing towards The Pink Print the “Only” way she knows how. With yet another hit.

With her album’s first two singles taking care of her pop-crazed fans, it was time for Nicki to take care of the hip-hop crowd. With “Only” she did just that by bringing in Drake, Lil Wayne and Chris Brown to join her in creating one huge track which will hold over listeners until The Pink Print‘s December release date.

Listen to “Only” below.

Heat Of The Moment – Drake: Song of the Day 10/26

Releasing “How About Now” and “6 God” certainly would have sufficed. But Drake decided to make yesterday’s leftover track trio complete with some R&B Drizzy on “Heat Of The Moment”.

With the success he has obtained in the last five years it would be easy for Drake to look forward to the infinite possibilities in his future. However, as the crooning Drizzy explains in “Heat Of The Moment”, he is not getting to far ahead of himself and is instead enjoying the here and now.

Listen to “Heat Of The Moment” below.

6 God – Drake: Song of the Day 10/25

With the leak of “How About Now” a few days ago, everyone has been contemplating if we’d be hearing even more new music from Drake soon. And in classic Drizzy fashion, he sprung a couple more new tracks on us including the his ode to Toronto, “6 God”.

Not expected to be featured on Views From The 6 but provide some serious hype for the project, “6 God” brings out the inner Eminem and Kanye West in Drake by declaring himself the savior north of the border. There is no telling what will be included on Drizzy’s next album but if tracks like these are being left off it’s scary to thin what Drake has waiting in the wings.

Listen to “6 God” below.

How About Now – Drake: Song of the Day 10/19

Because of it’s extreme circulation and multitude of remixes, it doesn’t feel like new material from Drake hasn’t appeared since June. But that all changed when an unexpected leak appeared and the world was tuned in to “How About Now”.

With production qualities similar to tracks found on Nothing Was The Same, “How About Now” could just be a leftover track from Drake’s last album. However, there are rumors that this joint has Views From The 6 written on it and if that is the case “How About Now” could set off a spree of new songs from Young Money superstar.

Listen to “How About Now” below.