In My Life – Ludacris (feat. John Legend): Song of the Day 12/11

Between television and film, Ludacris has definitely been busy. But the fans of his music have been yearning for new material. And while he’s dropped multiple singles since his last album in 2010, the release of “In My Life” marks the beginning of Luda’s way back into rap.

The most recent single from Ludacris’ upcoming EP Burning Bridges, “In My Life” forgets the club and the radio and focuses on everything personal to Luda. John Legend brings the soul for the chorus of “In My Life” while the DTP president spits the truth reminding everyone that he still has got it.

Listen to “in My Life” below.


Good Lovin – Ludacris (feat. Miguel): Song of the Day 10/31

After a slue of unsuccessful singles a few short remixes, it now looks like Ludacris is ready to return to form. To do so, Luda had to pull back and slow things down for the ladies on his brand new track, “Good Lovin”.

WHen teasing the track, the combination of Ludacris and Miguel just felt like a winner. Now getting our first taste of “Good Lovin”, all of those expectations have been met. With an absolute smash of a chorus from Miguel and Luda providing two solid verses, “Good Lovin” was exactly what Ludacris needed.

Listen to “Good Lovin” below.

Numbers On The Boards – Ludacris: Song of the Day 10/23

While he recently hinted that his long awaited album is finally on the way, it is quite amazing how long Ludacris‘ project has been delayed. But with a slue of Ludaverses recently including today’s “Numbers On The Boards”, it might just be that time that Ludaversal sees the light of day.

Spitting a verse and only one verse over Pusha T’s single “Numbers On The Boards”, Ludacris is more reminding people that he is still around. Given that it has been over four years since Luda dropped an album, any new material even if it’s only the 16 bars on “Numbers On The Boards”, is a step in the right direction.

Listen to “Numbers On The Boards” below.

Party Girls – Ludacris (feat. Jeremih & Wiz Khalifa): Song of the Day 2/1

To say that Ludacris‘ Ludaversal has been delayed would be an understatement. The project has been on hiatus since 2010 despite multiple singles being dropped by Luda over the course of four years. Now back for some more, maybe “Party Girls” will be the track which gets Ludaversal a release date.

The latest track to drop from Ludacris, “Party Girls” shows that in hip-hop every track can offer up a sample. With Jeremih and Wiz Khalifa beside him, Luda mixes Aqua’s “Barbie Girl” into his own sensual jam.

Listen to “Party Girls” below.



Legs Shakin – R. Kelly (feat. Ludacris): Song of the Day 12/11

Although there is no actual data, R. Kelly most likely leads any artist with the most babies made to his music. While he has helped so many couples bring a child into the world, Kels does stand up for his own bedroom moves. After all, he is having her “Legs Shakin”.

The leadoff track from Black Panties, “Legs Shakin” is yet another Kelly production which will find a home in bedroom soundtracks everywhere. With a Ludacris verse to supplement, Kels turns up the heat on “Legs Shakin” and will have couples yet again thanking Kels for his inspiration.

Listen to “Legs Shakin” below.



Mad Fo – Ludacris (feat. Chris Brown, Swizz Beatz, Meek Mill & Pusha T): Song of the Day 5/26

Controversy has been inescapable for Ludacris. Even though he has been working his way back from focusing on acting, he has taken some heat from the competition. In Luda’s mind he has done nothing to deserve the hatred and is asking what these rappers are “Mad Fo”.

The biggest highlight from Luda’s newly released mixtape #IDGAF, “Mad Fo” brings together a few of the men who have been in the headlines for their rap beefs along with their skills. Beside Luda are Chris Brown, Swizz Beatz, Meek Mill, and Pusha T who all take shots at the haters. While their were rumors about “Mad Fo” being dedicated to Drake, Ludacris squashed those rumors. Instead, Pusha T’s verse seems to take shots at Birdman instead.

Listen to “Mad Fo” below.

Speak Into The Mic – Ludacris: Song of the Day 5/11

Anyone can say they have skills. They can talk a big game and flaunt their talents but until they do it when it really counts, nothing has been accomplished. Ludacris thinks that he has found a girl who both can talk the talk and walk the walk. This is why he is telling her to “Speak Into The Mic” and show the world.

The latest installment on Luda’s #IDGAFFriadys, “Speak Into The Mic” is yet another banger produced by Mike Will Made It. With very little subtlety, Luda tells his girl to practice on his microphone in order to master her craft. After all, practice makes perfect so why not “Speak Into The Mic” on the biggest stage possible.

Listen to “Speak Into The Mic” below.