Fire Squad – J. Cole: Song of the Day 12/13

While most of 2014 Forest Hills Drive focuses on J. Cole‘s journey to the top, the album’s most controversial and buzz worthy track takes a hard look at present day hip-hop. And while his music has been described by some as methodical, Cole brought in the “Fire Squad” this time around.

The most aggressive and boisterous track from Cole’s most recent project, “Fire Squad” has Cole both claiming the top spot in hip-hop and examining the influx of white talent in the game. There will be lots of talk about Cole’s comments about how “White people snatched the sound”, but as with all of his music that’s exactly what Cole wants for “Fire Squad”.

Listen to “Fire Squad” below.


Wet Dreamz – J. Cole: Song of the Day 12/9

No matter who you are. No matter what walk of life you come from. There are certain experiences in life which connect us all. One of those moments comes during one of the most intimate times of our adolescence as J. Cole eloquently described on “Wet Dreamz”.

Instead of rapping out his sexual prowess like most other MC’s, J. Cole decided to shed the layers and speak of his first sexual encounter on “Wet Dreamz”. As he highlights the overall anxiety and excitement of losing your virginity, Cole reminds everyone that he is the man of the people on “Wet Dreamz”, connecting with listeners on the most personal level in his career.

Listen to “Wet Dreamz” below.

Animals (Remix) – Maroon 5 (feat. J. Cole): Song of the Day 9/29

Between the personal success of Adam Levine and the cumulative musical talents of Maroon 5, the band has been able to expand beyond their original boundaries. This includes bring MC’s like J. Cole out of hibernation for the “Animals (Remix)”.

He provided the soundtrack for the events in Ferguson but other than “Be Free”, J. Cole has been pretty quiet in 2014. However, in an unexpected move Cole has joined Maroon 5 to give the “Animals (Remix)” a little hip-hop flair and hopefully start a run for more Cole material.

Listen to “Animals (Remix)” below.

Be Free – J. Cole: Song of the Day 8/15

With all of the polarizing events taking place in Ferguson, Missouri in the past few days, it was only a matter of time before a big name hip-hop artist took to the mic to express their feelings. Not surprisingly that person is J. Cole as he just wishes everyone could “Be Free”.

Somber and sad, “Be Free” shows a deeper side of J. Cole which is only appropriate for these trying times. With stirring dialogue and sung verses by Cole, “Be Free” cuts deep and will provoke even more conversation about many different topics which the Ferguson shooting has spurred.

Listen to “Be Free” below.

Lit – Bas (feat. J. Cole & KQuick): Song of the Day 2/2

He has become one of the biggest names in hip-hop and like those before him that is not enough for J. Cole. That is why he is trying to guide his Dreamville Records’ signees to the same heights as him. The artist with the highest ceiling seems to be Bas especially with tracks like “Lit”.

First featured on Bas’ LP, Quarter Water Raised Me Vol. 2 and recently included on Cole’s tape Revenge of the Dreamers, “Lit” combines a slick sample and some smooth rhymes. With Cole and KQuick along with him, Bas spits over Miguel’s “Do You…” and more than anything shows that he is the future of Dreamville.

Watch the official video for “Lit” below.


Crooked Smile (Original) – J. Cole: Song of the Day 1/29

J. Cole had one hell of a birthday. Not only did he perform to a sold out crowd at MSG and officially signed his label to Interscope but Jay-Z showed up and surprised Cole with his own Roc-A-Fella chain. Not to be selfish, Cole offered up some new music, including today’s Song of the Day, for his birthday gift to his fans.

Off the Revenge of the Dreamers tape which includes tracks from a few of Dreamville Records’ signees, “Crooked Smile (Original)” is the demo version of the single from Born Sinner. Much of its contents are different from what made the albums final cut including the TLC feature but it brings the old school flow to the forefront.

Listen to “Crooked Smile (Original)” below.

Black Grammys – Wale (feat. Meek Mill, Rockie Fresh & J. Cole): Song of the Day 1/26

While the Grammys has celebrated the greatness of music for over five decades now, rap music has been under appreciated. Many hip-hop artists have expressed their displeasure with the Grammy process and very few rap awards are televised. That is why Wale is holding his own “Black Grammys”.

Off of MMG’s compilation album Self Made 3, “Black Grammys” celebrates the accomplishments of some of the hottest names in the game. Joining Wale at the “Black Grammys” are Meek Mill, Rockie Fresh and J. Cole who was a Grammy’s snub this year and any fan of his knows he is never afraid to share his feelings on any topic.

Watch the official video for “Black Grammys” below.