Or Nah – Game (feat. Too $hort, Problem, AV & Eric Bellinger): Song of the Day 7/5

On the surface, Game‘s new track “Or Nah” looked like it was going to be another hot remix of Ty Dolla $ign’s single which already got The Weeknd treatment. However, after pressing play we got something so much different and unexpected.

With little more than the exact same title and a few similar lines, Game’s “Or Nah” is a complete separation from Dolla $ign’s joint. With Too $hort, Problem, AV and Eric Bellinger joining him, Game puts together quite the west coast compilation for a track which will be perfect for the summer.

Listen to “Or Nah” below.


Bigger Than Me – Game: Song of the Day 6/16

He has never been one to just accept his position but more than ever it seems that Game is dissatisfied with who he is being compared to in the hip-hop community. With very few MC’s he believes have ever topped him, Game is out to prove once again that there is nobody “Bigger Than Me”.

The first single from his upcoming album Blood Money La Familia, “Bigger Than Me” is Game doing exactly what he does best. For over five minutes, the former G-Unit member name drops over and over again with absolutely no regard. “Bigger Than Me” should certainly stir the pot a little more.

Listen to “Bigger Than Me” below.

T.H.O.T. – Game (feat. Problem, Huddy & Bad Lucc): Song of the Day 2/17

From day one of his rap career Game set high standards for the ladies in his life. You will be hard pressed to find anything close to a “T.H.O.T.” next to his side because he only has the top notch chicks rolling with him.

The latest free release from Game, “T.H.O.T.” calls out all those women who are just going from man to man in search of a little fame and fortune. Problem, Huddy, and Bad Lucc join Game on the joint which does not just call out these thirsty ladies but the men who are messing around with them as well.

Listen to “T.H.O.T.” below.

Sing For Me – Elijah Blake (feat. Rick Ross & Game): Song of the Day 2/10

He has already collaborated with some big names and had a positive response towards his few releases of 2013. Now Elijah Blake is back for 2014 and bringing along both of the men who gave him the most exposure for his latest single, “Sing For Me”.

After collaborating on both God Forgives, I Don’t and Jesus Piece, Elijah Blake decided to bring both Rick Ross and Game along for “Sing For Me”. Over the same sample from Cam’ron hit “Oh Boy”, Elijah shows off his pipes once again for what may be his breakthrough moment.

Listen to “Sing For Me” below.

Last Supper – Game (feat. Jadakiss, Styles P & Ar-16): Song of the Day 12/14

Jesus Piece may be done with it promotional run, but Game is still treating his fans to more from his latest album. Keeping with the albums religious theme, Game decided to invite his realest friends to his “Last Supper”.

With Jadakiss, Styles P, and Ar-16 joining Game at the table, “Last Supper” is all about Game surrounding himself with the toughest crowd in the game. While the reasons for “Last Supper” not being included on Jesus Piece have not been released, it is a welcome addition to Game’s collection.

Listen to “Last Supper” below.

All That (Lady) – Game (feat. Big Sean, Lil Wayne, Fabolous & Jeremih): Song of the Day 11/2


One of the best parts of having a little money is being able to spend it on someone other than yourself. Game has more than just a little money and he loves to spoil his favorite lady with all his earning. That is why he is telling her that she can get “All That (Lady)”.

Yet another track off Jesus Piece which flaunts significant features, “All That (Lady)” brings back the ’90’s vibe with with a smooth D’Angelo sample. Game along with Big Sean, Lil Wayne, Fabolous and Jeremih share how their woman can get anything she wants because they are all hooked on them.

Watch the official video for “All That (Lady)” below.

F.I.V.E. – Game (feat. Lil Wayne & Chris Brown): Song of the Day 10/9

Over the course of his career, Game has done an inordinate amount of interview. He has heard almost every detailed question but maybe he hasn’t been asked some of the simple ones like, “What is your favorite number?”. After releasing his latest mixtape OKE we just might have our answer.

One of the standouts from Operation Kill Everything, “F.I.V.E.” has Game dedicating the track to all of the great five’s out there. While the track barely breaks the 2:30 minute mark, Game still manages to fit in a Chris Brown chorus and Lil Wayne verse to accompany his own slick flow. Who knew there were so many reasons Game’s number was “F.I.V.E.”?

Listen to “F.I.V.E.” below.