Body Language – Kid Ink (feat. Usher & Tinashe): Song of the Day 9/8

For the past couple weeks, Kid Ink has been teasing his new single hard on Twitter. Especially playing up the first-time features, Kid Ink has been hard at work getting everyone excited about “Body Language”.

Riding high off his breakthrough album, “Body Language” is the first single from his second major release of which very little is known. Those two guest appearances Ink was hiding up until the track dropped come in the form of Usher and Tinashe who both contribute to what many people are already calling the sequel to “Show Me”.

Listen to “Body Language” below.



I Don’t Care – Kid Ink (feat. Maejor Ali): Song of the Day 7/31

Kid Ink certainly capitalized on from collaborating with the one and only Chris Brown for the first two single from his sophomore album My Own Lane. While “Main Chick” and “Show Me” have been undeniable hits, Ink seems ready to promote some new material like his latest single, “I Don’t Care”.

A more subdued and thoughtful Ink is heard on “I Don’t Care” as he addresses his critics and stands up for his grind. While he doesn’t bring Breezy back for a third round, Ink taps another R&B stud, Maejor Ali, for a smooth chorus filled with a bunch of tantalizing falsettos.

Watch the official video for “I Don’t Care” below.

She Twerkin’ (Remix) – Ca$h Out (feat. Juicy J, Lil Boosie, Ty Dolla $ign & Kid Ink): Song of the Day 7/22

He hoped up on the scene hard with really his only hit thus far in his career, “Cashin’ Out”. Ca$h Out has been searching for his next big single for some time now and he just may have found it as he decided to do ad some firepower and put out the “She Twerkin’ (Remix)”.

Taking advantage of four hot guest verses, the twerking craze and minimalistic production which is all the rage right now in hip-hop, Ca$h Out finally has his name out there to the masses once again with “She Twerkin’ (Remix)”. Juicy J, Lil Boosie, Ty Dolla $ign and Kid Ink all join Ca$h Out to produce one hell of a club join which will only keep the twerking going on much longer than most expected.

Listen to “She Twerkin’ (Remix)” below.

Main Chick (Remix) – Kid Ink (feat. Chris Brown, French Montana, Yo Gotti, Tyga & Lil Bibby): Song of the Day 7/44

Weeks ago Kid Ink served up what we thought would be the only official “Main Chick (Remix)”. While the track did add Tyga to the mix, Ink figured he could do even more for his fans so this time around he brought in a slue of MC’s for what is now the new “Main Chick (Remix)”.

With so many similarities to Ink’s breakthrough hit, “Show Me” it should come as no surprise that “Main Chick” has taken off and earned the remix treatment. To join Kid, Breezy and Tyga this time around are French Montana, Yo Gotti and Lil Bibby who create quite the deadly six pack for this hot new “Main Chick (Remix)”.

Listen to “Main Chick (Remix)” below.

Me and My Team – Maejor Ali (feat. Kid Ink & Trey Songz): Song of the Day 6/17

While he still has yet to release an album, between the mixtapes he’s dropped and his writing and producing credits Maejor Ali (formerly Bei Maejor) has built quite the crew. And now that his first full-length seems to be on the way, Maejor’s boys are living it up with a brand new single.

The first track he’s released since “Lolly” with Justin Bieber and Juicy J, “Me and My Team” has Ali sounding like a completely new man compared to his early work. However, with the additions of Trey Songz and Kid Ink to the joint, Maejor certainly is primed for a run to the bank with “Me and My Team”.

Listen to “Me and My Team” below.

Up Down (Remix) – T-Pain (feat. B.o.B, Kid Ink & Lil Boosie): Song of the Day 5/17

He had everyone including Rihanna moving it on the dace floor with the original version of “Up Down”. Now T-Pain has returned with the highly anticipated remix of his biggest hit in years to get everyone going “Up Down” once again.

With a brand new beat and a group of big name collaborators, the “Up Down (Remix)” certainly satisfies after being hyped for weeks. T-Pain produces his own brand new material while three huge names — B.o.B, Kid Ink and Lil Boosie — supply hot verses which will have the “Up Down (Remix)” on repeat.

Listen to “Up Down (Remix)” below.

Show Me (Remix) – Kid Ink (feat. Chris Brown, Trey Songz, Juicy J & 2 Chainz): Song of the Day 2/23

The breakthrough of Kid Ink could easily be traced to the success of his chart climbing single, “Show Me”. Now with his album selling well and his name continuing to spread, Ink decided to bring in a few more big names for the official “Show Me (Remix)”.

Chris Brown reprises his role on the hook for the “Show Me (Remix)” but everything else lyrically on the track is switched up by Kid Ink this time around. Juicy J and 2 Chainz contribute verses for the remix, Trey Songz joins Breezy on the vocals, and Ink brings an all new verse to the track to give fans even more hot bars to bump to.

Listen to “Show Me (Remix)” below.