Psychopath Killer – Eminem (feat. Slaughterhouse & Yelawolf): Song of the Day 11/27

To be a part of Shady Records there are certain requirements. One of them is you have to have a few screws loose. This characteristic makes itself evident as the head “Psychopath Killer” bring in the rest of his crew to slay the competition.

One of the few new tracks which Eminem appears on for his new compilation album SHADYXV, “Psychopath Killer” is all about the insane rhymes pumped out by these MC’s. Joining Shady are Yelawolf and the men of Slaugherhouse who all prove it is not smart to mess with a “Psychopath Killer”.

Listen to “Psychopath Killer” below.


Guts Over Fear – Eminem (feat. Sia): Song of the Day 8/26

Even though he has produced some of the most controversial songs over the past fifteen years, some of Eminem‘s most popular tracks have been of the motivational variety. Shady hopes to capitalize on another pump up joint as he stresses the power of having “Guts Over Fear”. 

The brand new single from Eminem’s upcoming duel disc release Shady XV, “Guts Over Fear” is yet another example of Em’s powerful connection to his listeners. Between telling his own story of struggle and empowering those who have looked to him for guidance, “Guts Over Fear”, which features a beautiful chorus from Sia, will be the latest Shady track to be used by many for inspiration.

Listen to “Guts Over Fear” below.

Calm Down – Busta Rhymes (feat. Eminem): Song of the Day 7/3

If you needed a dose of hard-hitting, fast-paced, real hip-hop in your diet, well Busta Rhymes just serves some up nice and hot. Everyone know Busta’s capabilities but when he brings in Eminem to go back and forth with, it is going to be hard to get everyone to “Calm Down”.

Over a mixed sample of “Jump Around”, Busta and Shady do nothing but spit fire on “Calm Down”. The third track to be released from the upcoming album E.L.E. 2 (Extinction Level Event 2), “Calm Down” could be the track which finally opens up the flood gates for Bus who’s fans have high exceptions for this sequel project.

Listen to “Calm Down” below.

Real Deal – Tyga: Song of the Day 5/28

He is no one trick pony by any means but Tyga is at his finest when he is at the strip club. He has made his living on making tracks which have the ladies climbing up and sliding up down the pole and he has done it again with “Real Deal”.

With a flow which has some comparing him to Eminem on Relapse, Tyga may have found the track which gets everyone talking about The Gold Album. While it doesn’t bump as hard as his previous hits, “Real Deal” certainly an ominous vibe which will draw in listeners and get the club going and the same time.

Listen to “Real Deal” below.

Headlights – Eminem (feat. Nate Ruess): Song of the Day 5/12

From the beginning of his career, Eminem has been bashing his mother on his tracks. The lists of references is unbelievably extensive and vulgar and before him sobering up it would be hard to believe Slim Shady’s feeling would ever change. However, on “Headlights” Em finally makes amends.

With as much emotion as he put into destroying her, Em does the same to apologize to his mother on “Headlights”. With Nate Ruess of Fun. handling the hook, Eminem finally shows some sympathy to his mother’s situation as he continues his transformation as a rapper.

Watch the official video for “Headlights” below.



Legacy – Eminem: Song of the Day 1/20

Since the beginning of his career, Eminem has left all of his doors open for the world to view every dark and dirty secret he has ever experienced. He struggled through 8 Mile, battled his demons and become one of the most influential artists in recent history. Em has built quite a “Legacy” worthy of appreciation.

Off of The Marshall Mathers LP 2, “Legacy” is yet another inspirational track from Eminem which should inspire anyone who has every found themselves as the butt of the joke. In only a way Eminem could, Shady reveals even more details of his haunted upbringing on “Legacy” which have made his rise even more powerful.

Listen to “Legacy” below.



So Much Better – Eminem: Song of the Day 11/24

While The Marshall Mathers LP2 does share the same title as its predecessor, it is far from the typical sequel album. Eminem‘s style has morphed significantly since the original MMLP but their are tracks on his most recent release which takes audiences back thirteen years. One of these is “So Much Better” and it’s today’s Song of the Day.

With all the satirical condensation and sarcasm found on any of Eminem’s best tracks, “So Much Better” will connect with Shady’s fans which have followed him throughout his career. Very few people can get away with wishing for someone’s death so blatantly and be praised for their creativity but that is exactly what Em does on “So Much Better”. Thirteen years changes everybody, but it is good to hear Slim Shady return to his old self on “So Much Better”.

Listen to “So Much Better” below.