Hero – Kid Cudi (feat. Skylar Grey): Song of the Day 3/12

People have said the Kid Cudi is on a steady decline in his career but after releasing his fourth solo album and playing a major role in the upcoming film Need For Speed, it is hard to argue that Cudi is not still holding his own. Especially when he appears on the movie’s soundtrack as well with the track, “Hero”.

It has been his trademark style from the beginning and Cudi continues to hypnotize listeners on “Hero”. Skylar Grey joins Mescudi on the track which only enhances the druggy vibe. He may not be at his peak but “Hero” proves Kid Cudi is nowhere close to his demise.

Listen to “Hero” below.


Too Bad I Have to Destroy You – Kid Cudi: Song of the Day 2/25

The surprise album drops from big time artist over the past year and a half just continue to come. First is way Jay-Z and his partnership with Samsung, then it was Beyonce dropping a classic out of nowhere, and now it is Kid Cudi surprising his fans with his fourth solo album, Satellite Flight: The Journey to Mother Moon.

Although “Satellite Flight” was dropped as the lead single from Cudi’s album, little was known about his senior set. Now that it has been released, Cudi seems to be rejuvenated seen especially on “Too Bad I Have to Destroy You”. On this extended track, Cudi reveals that he has heard all the comments from his criticizers and is ready to take names.

Listen to “Too Bad I Have to Destroy You” below.



Satellite Flight – Kid Cudi: Song of the Day 12/21

After keeping his feet planted on the ground for his last two projects, Kid Cudi is yearning to get back to space. After his intergalactic quest on his first two albums, Cudi is hoping that the emptiness will proves successful again. This is why he is going on a “Satellite Flight”.

The title track from Cudi’s upcoming EP, Satellite Flight: The Journey to Mother Moon, “Satellite Flight” has all the darkness and emotion which had fans raving about Cudi’s Man on the Moon projects. It may sound scary at first but Cudi is making this “Satellite Fight” quite a ride.

Listen to “Satellite Flight” below.

Girls – Kid Cudi (feat. Too $hort): Song of the Day 4/2

Getting nasty, explicit, and loving women of all shapes and sizes has been a trademark of Too $hort for two decades now. On his own projects and seemingly every time he is featured on another track, $hort is rapping about his love for “Girls”. However, it should be no surprise that when he decided to jump on a Kid Cudi track, the simple song about “Girls” was going to have a distinct vibe.

The latest single from Cudi’s upcoming album Indicud, “Girls” continues the album’s streak of hypnotic singles. However, the subject matter on “Girls” lightens things up some. “Girls” may be the most up front Cudi has ever been about his love for the opposite sex and fittingly he decided to share this moment with the man who’s been dropping bars about women since his career began.

Listen to “Girls” below.

Immortal – Kid Cudi: Song of the Day 3/1

Everyone loves to be the winner. To experience the highs in life. However, sometimes it is the struggles which bring us to new heights. Kid Cudi has gone through both of these and now through the pain he has faced, Kid Cudi is now “Immortal”.

Over production to his own crediting, Kid Cudi tells the story of how he has faced the haters, depression, and the critics which have said he has lost his touch for music, on “Immortal”, the third single from INDICUD. Right from the jump, Cudi states he told his friends when he was young that he had superpowers and nobody believed him. On “Immortal” he proves them all wrong.

Listen to “Immortal” below.

King Wizard – Kid Cudi: Song of the Day 12/23

Ever since his breakthrough, fans have loved Kid Cudi for his unusual style. There are few who could stay original without conforming to the norm and still be as successful as Cudi. His latest single is just a reminder to everyone of this fact.

The second official single off Indicud, “King Wizard” is the dark, disturbing Kid Cudi which has made him one of the crown jewels of G.O.O.D. Music. By no means will “King Wizard” be a radio hit, but this joint will be on repeat for those Cudi fans who make sure to purchase the entire album.

Watch the official video for “King Wizard” below.

Just What I Am – Kid Cudi (feat. King Chip): Song of the Day 8/13

There was a time when Kid Cudi was sober. It seems that time has come to an end.

For his return to rapping and seemingly smoking, Cudi has released a cut that brings us all back to the style of Cudi we fell in love with originally. He also brings back an old friend with a new name for his first cut off Indicud.

Alongside fellow Cleveland native, King Chip, formally known as Chip Tha Ripper, Cudi proclaims this joint as “Just What I Am”. He is not shy about what he needs for satisfaction now and Cudi sounds better than ever doing it.

Listen to “Just What I Am” below.