Bring My Bottles – Young Buck (feat. 50 Cent & Tony Yayo): Song of the Day 11/17

Hard at work with the rest of the G-Unit team, Young Buck has certainly proven he hasn’t lost his touch. Now in the midst of the Unit’s return, Buck is taking it solo again with his brand new single “Bring My Bottles”.

Likely the most aggressive Buck we’ve heard since his reemergence, “Bring My Bottles” is a knockout punch for Young. Even though this is technically his own track, he stays loyal to his brothers by bring both 50 Cent and Tony Yayo along for the ride to give “Bring My Bottles” that G-Unit flair.

Listen to “Bring My Bottles” below.


Changes – G-Unit: Song of the Day 10/5

From splitting up, reuniting and adding a new member, G-Unit has certainly gone through some turmoil both as a group and individually. Now they are all ready to join together and vent on all the “Changes” they have experienced.

A much more personal track than they ever released while on a major label, “Changes” is truly an example of The Beauty of Independence. Each member of the Unit offers up an introspective verse highlighted by 50 Cent’s candid look at his current relationship with both Dr. Dre and Eminem.

Watch the official video for “Changes” below.

Ordinary – G-Unit: Song of the Day 6/10

You did think that they were just going to let up did you? Good, because G-Unit is back for the third time in two weeks as they take on a Trey Songz beat from a few months ago and prove again they are no “Ordinary” rap group.

With Kidd Kidd looking more and more like an official member of the Unit as he is not listed as a feature artist for the first time during the group’s comeback, “Ordinary” is still dominated by the groups four founding members. 50, Buck, Yayo and Banks all surround some of Trigga’s original work and do there thing perfectly once again.

Listen to “Ordinary” below.

Real Quick – G-Unit (feat. Kidd Kidd): Song of the Day 6/4

And you thought people were freaking out after the first G-Unit track dropped a couple days ago since they reunited. Well it seems that these guys are ready to make it more than a one time thing as they hop on another hot beat “Real Quick”.

The day before announcing that they would be dropping an album in November, G-Unit released their second remix track in as many days. This time 50, Buck, Yayo, Banks and Kidd Kidd jump on Drake’s “0 to 100” production and do exactly what they do best. Destroy tracks together.

Listen to “Real Quick” below.

Cuffin Season (Remix) – Fabolous (feat. 50 Cent): Song of the Day 6/3

It’s taken extremely long for Fabolous to release his next album. It took 50 Cent five years to finally drop his fifth solo album Animal Ambition yesterday. But these two seem to be ready to get back to their old successes as they team up for the “Cuffin Season (Remix)”.

The official remix of one of the standout tracks from Fab’s The Soul Tape 3, “Cuffin Season (Remix)” may truly mark the moment when both Fabolous’ and 50’s careers took off again. While they both have been hanging around the game and are still mainstays, it is no secret that their popularity has decreased in the eyes of the masses but “Cuffin Season (Remix)” may just be what these two needed most.

Listen to “Cuffin Season (Remix)” below.

Nah I’m Talkin Bout – G-Unit (feat. Kidd Kidd): Song of the Day 6/2

They were a group to be reckoned with. They were the best in the game. Then egos, money and fame split up G-Unit and for years fans have been hoping for a reunion. They finally got their wish last night at Summer Jam and today as they drop their first track since T.O.S.

With all the original characters back — 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo and Young Buck — “Nah I’m Talkin Bout”, a remix of HS87’s “Gridin My Whole Life”, is exactly what you’d expect from G-Unit. These guys have the same chemistry they had years ago and with the addition of Kidd Kidd to the trackm, fans will only be yearning for more from the Unit.

Listen to “Nah I’m Talkin Bout” below.

Hustler – 50 Cent: Song of the Day 4/15

He came from nothing and even took some shots along the way but 50 Cent managed to climb to the top of the hip-hop mountain. Now a certified mogul in the business, it would be easy for 50 to fade off into the distance but he continues to be the “Hustler” he was since day one.

Yet another track released from 50’s upcoming album Animal Ambition, “Hustler” brings back the feeling of old school 50 Cent. Boastful and bold, 50 grinds he way along on “Hustler” as he makes in known that he is still rolling in the dough he has accumulated over his lengthy career.

Watch the official video for “Hustler” below.