hollywooddreams – Miguel: Song of the Day 12/29

With all its bright lights and pretty faces, Hollywood surely seems like an ideal place to be. But this land of glitz and glamour is known for being a fickle friend just as Miguel‘s girl found out as it destroyed her “hollywooddreams”.

The middle track from Miguel’s three track EP NWA.HollywoodDreams.Coffee, “hollywooddreams” certainly sounds like ode to the city if not listening closely. But as Miguel dives deeper into the track, the tale quickly turns dark with Miguel’s lady sells herself short to try and make her “hollywooddreams” come true.

Listen to “hollywooddreams” below.


coffee – Miguel: Song of the Day 12/21

While extravagant trips, expensive gift and luxurious meals can certainly spice up a relationship, Miguel tends to appreciate the little things more. That’s why he is savoring his fresh cup of “coffee” after a beautiful night with his woman.

The finale track from Miguel’s newly released EP NWA.HollywoodDreams.Coffee, “coffee” celebrates the successful progression of his relationship to something much more than just sex. And while the extravagance of celebrity relationships isn’t relatable to most, “coffee” in the morning connects Miguel to all of his listeners.

Listen to “coffee” below.

nwa – Miguel (feat. Kurupt): Song of the Day 12/19

After achieving huge success with his sophomore album Kaleidoscope Dream, one would think Miguel would be eager to return to the studio for round three. But since 2013, Miguel has been relatively quite until surprising listeners with “nwa”.

One of three tracks included on the free EP NWA.HollywoodDreams.Coffee, “nwa” brings back the sultry sound Miguel which has been severely missed during his hiatus. Kurupt joins Miguel on the track to appropriately add the old school west coast vibes to “nwa” and bring the sounds of Miguel back in big way.

Listen to “nwa” below.

Good Lovin – Ludacris (feat. Miguel): Song of the Day 10/31

After a slue of unsuccessful singles a few short remixes, it now looks like Ludacris is ready to return to form. To do so, Luda had to pull back and slow things down for the ladies on his brand new track, “Good Lovin”.

WHen teasing the track, the combination of Ludacris and Miguel just felt like a winner. Now getting our first taste of “Good Lovin”, all of those expectations have been met. With an absolute smash of a chorus from Miguel and Luda providing two solid verses, “Good Lovin” was exactly what Ludacris needed.

Listen to “Good Lovin” below.

How Many Drinks (Remix) – Rick Ross (feat. Miguel & Kendrick Lamar): Song of the Day 4/10

When it comes to remixes for top tracks they usually come quick and come often. This was seen for Miguel’s “How Many Drink” as Kendrick Lamar decided to join in on the party. But now, over a year since the track was originally released, Rick Ross is doing his own remix to the Miguel single.

While keeping the rest of the track intact, Rozay had his own touch of “bossness” to the “How Many Drinks (Remix)”. Ross waists no time, opening up his MMG Mix, and gets right to the dirty talk with the girl he is asking “How Many Drinks” will it take to be his.

Listen to “How Many Drinks (Remix)” below.

Bennie And The Jets – Miguel (feat. Wale): Song of the Day 3/21

Being the innovator that he is, Elton John is decided to let some of his greatest hits get a little touch up. With the reissue of his Goodbye Yellow Brick Road album dropping on March 25, John let a few of today’s biggest names, including Miguel and Wale, remix tracks like “Bennie And The Jets”.

With a revamped beat, Miguel truly makes “Bennie And The Jets” his own to the pleasure of Elton John himself. Wale adds a completely original verse to the iconic track but it is Miguel’s innovation which is opening eyes.

Listen to “Bennie An The Jets” below.

Ashley – Big Sean (feat. Miguel): Song of the Day 11/23

He may come off as player, but even Big Sean can be seduced by love. Even this player can find a woman who he would put everything else behind him for. At one time for Sean this girl’s name was “Ashley”.

The most recent single from Hall of Fame, “Ashley” is an emotional dedication to Sean’s ex-girlfriend who he undoubtably loved deeply. While the track was written and recorded before their breakup, Sean’s lyrics and Miguel’s beautiful hook are still quite powerful. He may have moved on but “Ashley” still seems to be in the back of Big Sean’s mind.

Listen to “Ashley” below.