Crooked Smile – J. Cole (feat. TLC): Song of the Day 6/4

Right from the jump, J. Cole was judge based on his looked. This bushy-eyebrowed, crooked-toothed rapper couldn’t be any good could he? And even if he could spit, there is no way the fans will follow him especially the ladies. Well, despite Cole’s “Crooked Smile” he has become a star.

Born Sinner‘s version of “Nobody’s Perfect”, “Crooked Smile” is Cole’s anthem about accepting yourself and everyone else for who they are and shrugging off the haters who are quick to judge. For the hook, Cole brought in the two living members of TLC, T-Boz and Chilli, who’s voices bring back memories of when the group ruled the airwaves with empowering hits for women. Cole could not have picked a better group to assist him for this joint.

Cole has faced some tough times on his way to the top, but now that he has reached the peak he is not shy about showing off his “Crooked Smile” just to remind everyone of the struggle.

Listen to “Crooked Smile” below.


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