Deliver – Lupe Fiasco: Song of the Day 11/11

You may take the man out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of the man. That statement certainly applies to Lupe Fiasco who’s made his living on social conscious and poignant tracks about the neighborhoods he grew up in. That continues on his latest track, “Deliver”.

Providing yet another step forward to the release Tetsuo & Youth, “Deliver” may just be one of Lupe’s most creative tracks to date. Using a pizza man’s delivery route to explain the pain and suffering of the ghetto, “Deliver” is a song few others could pull off but that is what makes Lupe so special.

Listen to “Deliver” below.


Lilies – Lupe Fiasco (feat. Sirah): Song of the Day 10/18

He may have just received a definitive release date for his upcoming album but Lupe Fiasco is not going to forget the struggle  he’s had with Atlantic Records. That is why before he drops his full-length, Lupe is releasing Lost In The Atlantic and it all starts with “Lilies”.

While the title of the mixtape is an obvious jab at his label, “Lilies” is not an overtly aggressive diss track towards his superiors at Atlantic. Instead he brought in some live instrumentals and Sirah to sing the hook for “Lilies” while Lupe continues to sound poised for a return to prominence.

Listen to “Lilies” below.

Next To It – Lupe Fiasco (feat. Ty Dolla $ign): Song of the Day 6/20

He has prided himself on putting out thought-provoking tracks with lyrics to match. So even when Lupe Fiasco gets a beat that will rock the radio he still manages to create a deeper track than anyone else in the game. His latest single “Next To It” is no different.

The newest release from his long awaited album Tetsuo & Youth, “Next To It” will please both kinds of hip-hop listeners. For those looking for a hot beat and a catchy chorus, “Next To It” provides both especially with the addition of Ty Dolla $ign to the track. But for those looking for some truth and meaning, “Next To It” will still churn up some intellectual conversation.

Listen to “Next To It” below.

30’s ($nitches 2) – Lupe Fiasco: Song of the Day 3/1

After getting everyone’s attention with the release of “$nitches” two days ago, Lupe Fiasco waisted no time to let go of more music. Two hours after “$nitches” dropped, Lupe decided to release the track’s official sequel for his fans’ listening pleasure.

While its predecessor was melodic and smooth thanks to Ty Dolla $ign’s production, “30’s ($nitches 2)” hits hard for the streets. With no features, Lupe Fiasco has all the room to shine on this joint which truly bumps and rivals any banger Lupe has ever been on in his career.

Listen to “30’s ($nitches 2)” below.

$nitches – Lupe Fiasco (feat. Ty Dolla $ign): Song of the Day 2/27

The following of Lupe Fiasco had to deal with his multiple retirement threats and now are waiting on his upcoming album Tetsuo & Youth to get an official release date. Because of these ups and downs, Lupe decided to offer his fans a little teaser of what is to come with the release of “$nitches”.

Calling out all of those groupies which are coasting on the coattails of those succeeding, “$nitches” may be aggressive lyrically but the production handled by Ty Dolla $ign is extremely smooth. Ty also handled the hook on “$nitches” as he continues his rise working with some big names.

Listen to “$nitches” below.

Old School Love – Lupe Fiasco (feat. Ed Sheeran): Song of the Day 10/15

While he does reside in the present, Lupe Fiasco has made it clear that he is mostly unhappy with the status of rap in the 21st Century. Continuously he has been looking back to what he thinks are the finer days of rap and hoping that he can help resurrect that sound. Not only is he hoping to get old school music back but Lupe is looking to get some “Old School Love” as well.

The first single from Fiasco’s upcoming album Tetsuo and Youth, “Old School Love” is the style of track which has garnered Lupe with the most chart success. Instead of blasting politicians or culture, Lupe slows is down and reminisces about the good old days while Ed Sheeran calmly handles the chorus. This genre combination should expand Fiasco’s audience and have “Old School Love” climbing up the charts.

Listen to “Old School Love” below.

#DopeFrancis (American Trap) – Lupe Fiasco: Song of the Day 8/17

At this point in hip-hop, very few artist are pushing boundaries and jumping outside of the norm. Lupe Fiasco is not one of them. Lupe has always walked on his own path and rarely conformed and this trend continues on one of his latest free released “#DopeFrancis (American Trap)”.

While many artist take a hot beat and rap about drugs and money or how they struggled to survive at one point or another, Lupe decided to take a different route on “#DopeFrancis (American Trap)”. Instead of the usual, Fiasco decided to peddle his view on god and push religion instead of drugs. It may be a subtle change over the legit production but “#DopeFrancis (American Trap)” is undoubtably unique.

Listen to “#DopeFrancis (American Trap)” below.