All the Way – R. Kelly (feat. Kelly Rowland): Song of the Day 4/19

Being bashful has never been a strong suit of R. Kelly. When ever the R&B legend wants something he is sure to speak his mind. And tonight it seems that he wants to go “All the Way” with Kelly Rowland.

One of the few true ballads off Black Panties, “All the Way” is obviously a perfect fit for R. Kelly who has made his fortune on tracks like this. However, it is Kelly Rowland who shines on “All the Way” as she continues to boost her status after being overshadowed for years by Beyonce.

Listen to “All the Way” below.




Shut Up – R. Kelly: Song of the Day 1/3

While most of R. Kelly‘s latest album Black Panties focuses on the R&B superstar’s sexual adventures and fantasies, one track fits a totally different description. While now Kels may be feeling the love now, he remembers all the people who doubted him and his talents and he is telling them all to “Shut Up”.

In 2011, R. Kelly faced the biggest obstacle in his career. Few singers make it back from the throat surgery which R. Kelly required. Kels internalized all the statements from people who did not believe in his comeback. Now two albums deep since the surgery, Kels only has one thing to tell all the naysayers. “Shut Up”.

Listen to “Shut Up” below.



Legs Shakin – R. Kelly (feat. Ludacris): Song of the Day 12/11

Although there is no actual data, R. Kelly most likely leads any artist with the most babies made to his music. While he has helped so many couples bring a child into the world, Kels does stand up for his own bedroom moves. After all, he is having her “Legs Shakin”.

The leadoff track from Black Panties, “Legs Shakin” is yet another Kelly production which will find a home in bedroom soundtracks everywhere. With a Ludacris verse to supplement, Kels turns up the heat on “Legs Shakin” and will have couples yet again thanking Kels for his inspiration.

Listen to “Legs Shakin” below.



My Story (L.A. Remix) – R. Kelly (feat. Nipsey Hussle & Too $hort): Song of the Day 12/5

After releasing the original “My Story” with 2 Chainz, R. Kelly decided to take it back to Chicago for the first remix. However, Kels’ travels were far from over. For the second remix of Black Panties‘ first signal, the remix killer decided to head west for the “My Story (L.A. Remix)”.

While Chi-town played host to most of R. Kelly’s journey, Los Angeles served as another huge stomping ground for Kels’ career. Joining him to tell the story of the City of Angels, Too $hort and Nipsey Hussle both add verses honoring their great pacific coast city on “My Story (L.A. Remix)”. Now covering two of America’s great cities, who knows where “My Story” will take R. Kelly next.

Listen to “My Story (L.A. Remix)” below.

Show Ya P***y – R. Kelly (feat. Migos & Juicy J): Song of the Day 12/1

He took his sound back decades with his last two album and R. Kelly never sounded more classy in his entire career. But Kels has always had a raunchy side and he is returning to it with Black Panties. While the album’s first two singles hinted at this change, its latest leak, “Show Ya P***y” blows both of them away.

Meant for little more than the strip club, “Show Ya P***y” will have the dollar bills falling from the ceiling. Kelly puts away his amazing pipes for a little rapping action next to Migos and the go-to man for club anthems these days, Juicy J. If you are looking for some wholesome R&B here, none is to be found. But if getting a little nasty is your goal, “Show Ya P***y” offers up the perfect soundtrack.

Listen to “Show Ya P***y” below.



My Story (Chicago Remix) – R. Kelly (feat. Katie Got Bandz & Rockie Fresh): Song of the Day 11//18

Because many parts of R. Kelly‘s journey have revolved around Chi-Town, it is only fitting that he make is single “My Story” even more like home. While 2 Chainz offered up a hot guest verse for the original, Kels decided not to just make a remix but a “My Story (Chicago Remix)” for today’s Song of the Day.

Kels pays it forward on “My Story (Chicago Remix)”, giving up-and-coming Chicago rappers, Katie Got Bandz and Rockie Fresh arguably their biggest guest verses to date. Along with new collaborations, Kels offers up an updated verse and beat for the remix. There is no word yet whether or not “My Story (Chicago Remix)” will be included on Black Panties.

Listen to “My Story (Chicago Remix)” below.

Gorilla (G-Mix) – Bruno Mars (feat. Pharrell & R. Kelly): Song of the Day 11/8

As an R&B artist, when you have a hot track and looking to make an even better remix, there are few better people to call on than Pharell. However, one of those people is R. Kelly, who goes also goes by “The Remix Killer”. Good thing Bruno Mars decided to bring in both of them for the G-Mix of “Gorilla”.

With Pharrell opening up the track and R. Kelly stealing the show midway through, the “Gorilla (G-Mix)” is no longer Bruno Mars’s show. However, these huge names don’t just hop on anybody’s track and Bruno has shown his talent racking up awards with his first two albums. He may not be the focus, but Mars has another hit on his hands with “Gorilla (G-Mix)”.

Listen to “Gorilla (G-Mix)” below.