Pink Matter (Remix) – Frank Ocean (feat. Big Boi & Andre 3000): Song of the Day 1/12

When it was originally rumored Big Boi and Andre 3000 were going to reunite on Frank Ocean’s “Pink Matter”, Outkast fans and music lovers in general were beyond excited. Soon the excitement turned to disappointment when Big Boi’s verse was not to be found on channel Orange. However, Big Boi is not about disappointing his fans. So, months after it’s original release, Big Boi picked up the pen and pad and created his verse for the “Pink Matter (Remix)”.

To many, “Pink Matter” was a masterpiece without Big Boi addition. The sheer emotion and depth within Ocean’s and Andre’s metaphors wowed most audiences. To have some skepticism about how Big Boi would fit into the Remix was a normal reaction. However, Andre and Big have been partners for year. It may say “Big Boi & Andre 3000” in the title, but this is definitely an Outkast reunion. Big Boi’s verse only supplements this joint.

Listen to “Pink Matter (Remix)” below.


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