Cinnamon Apple – Fabolous (feat. Kevin Hart): Song of the Day 12/27

Just as J. Cole did with his return to his first sexual encounter on “Wet Dreamz”, Fabolous is bringing his listeners back to his adolescent love life. But unlike Cole’s excitement, Fabolous describes his sadness during a devastating breakup with his “Cinnamon Apple”.

Bringing us all back to what it was like to be in a relationship during the early 90’s, Fabolous gets his storytelling on during “Cinnamon Apple”. And while the Kevin Hart sample to close the track brings some humor to the track, Fabolous’ account of his failed relationship will certainly remind listers of teenage heartbreak.

Listen to “Cinnamon Apple” below.


She Wildin’ – Fabolous (feat. Chris Brown): Song of the Day 12/25

A few weeks ago Eric Bellinger decided to put a twist on the classic hit “Oochie Wally”. Now right on his heels is Fabolous who is also trying his hand at Nas’ single with his own new track, “She Wildin'”.

The party anthem from Fabolous’ Christmas-released album The Young OG Project, “She Wildin'” brings back Chris Brown to join Fab as the perfect artist to handle the track’s chorus. But make no mistake, Fabolous is rarely out-shined on his own songs and “She Wildin'” is no different this time around.

Listen to “She Wildin'” below.

Lituation – Fabolous: Song of the Day 12/6

For the second straight year it looks like Fabolous is going to be handing out a special gift for Christmas. Last year it was the third installment of The Soul Tape and now with the release of “Lituation” we can expect a new project under the tree this year.

The first single from his upcoming album The Young OG Project, “Lituation” has all the feelings of a Soul Tape track. And with all the success he has come by with the mixtape trio, it is no surprise Fab continues the gritty

Listen to “Lituation” below.