Jewels N’ Drugs – Lady Gaga (feat. T.I., Too $hort & Twista): Song of the Day 11/12

While her influence and popularity can be felt in every genre of music today, Lady Gaga has relatively stayed away from hip-hop. While she has previously teamed up with a few R&B artists and had some rap influenced beats, the megastar had yet to team up with any serious MC’s. This is until today’s Song of the Day, “Jewels N’ Drugs” off her latest album ARTPOP, which instantly ups Gaga’s street cred.

Over nothing short of trunk-banging production, Lady Gaga enlists some living legends of rap for her first completely hip-hop track. While “Jewels N’ Drugs” has a similar love theme to many of Gaga’s previous hits, the addition of T.I., Too $hort and Twista, is something few other than Gaga could pull off. She may be admired from afar by most in the rap community, but “Jewels N’ Drugs” may just proved to be the link to yet another audience for Gaga.

Listen to “Jewels N’ Drugs” below.




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