Stay Ready (What a Life) – Jhene Aiko (feat. Kendrick Lamar): Song of the Day 11/11

There have been some incredibly solid rap albums this year. The likes of J. Cole, Wale, Big Sean and Drake are a few of the artist who have stepped up their game in 2013 and they all have something in common. They have collaborated with up-and-comer, Jhene Aiko, who is making her solo debut with “Stay Ready (What a Life)”.

While Aiko has offered up her smooth, sweet sound to the likes of other already, “Stay Ready (What a Life)”, off her newly released EP Sail Out, might be the jump-off for her solo career. Even though Jhene is taking the reigns, she decided to bring in another huge name, Kendrick Lamar, to amp up the attention. Don’t be fooled by her innocent voice, “Stay Ready (What a Life)” does backs up Aiko’s statement that it is “sexy but at the same time, it’s very lyrical. It’s a smart and sexy song.”

Listen to “Stay Ready (What a Life)” below.




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