Give It All To Me – Mavado (feat. Nicki Minaj): Song of the Day 11/1

Already with a solid following in the reggae/dancehall community, Mavado is now attempting to broaden his reach and become more of a mainstream artist. DJ Khaled is pushing this transition very hard as he allowed Mavado to take the reins on three tracks on Suffering From Success. Today’s Song of the Day, “Give It All To Me”, is Mavado’s first true mega-single.

While staying true to his island roots, Mavado’s sound is much more accessible to a wide audience on “Give It All To Me”, similar to the music J. Boog has been releasing. To boost to track’s buzz and star quality, fellow islander, Nicki Minaj, jumps on the track for an extended appearance. After being in a niche for so long, will “Give It All To Me” expand Mavado’s audience? Only time will tell.

Watch the official video for “Give It All To Me” below.


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