Ciroc & Simply Lemonade – Nelly (feat. Yo Gotti): Song of the Day 10/30

When young and little in the bank account, most are satisfied with drinking anything that is the most affordable to get their buzz. It’s not about the taste but about getting the job done. Nelly once had those days but now with cash just ready to be thrown around, he prefers to drink “Ciroc & Simply Lemonade”.

Off Nelly’s most recent project M.O., “Ciroc & Simply Lemonade” is all about Nelly high class taste. It is not enough for him to have a top-shelf vodka, but he needs one of the best lemonade on the market to mix it with. Joining the St. Louis MC in his quest for the best is Yo Gotti, who is more than happy to sip on this high class drink. His album sales may have been low but at least Nelly can still enjoy his “Ciroc & Simply Lemonade”.

Listen to “Ciroc & Simply Lemonade” below.


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