The Monster – Eminem (feat. Rihanna): Song of the Day 10/28

It is truly hard to imagine what is going on in the head of Eminem. One minute he seems like a normal guy and the next he is the guy spacing out on ESPN’s college football telecast. But this is what makes Eminem so appealing. What makes his music so adaptable. All because he has become friends with “The Monster”.

The fourth single from Shady’s upcoming album MMPII, “The Monster” is yet another reunion of Em and Rihanna. Over production which will have critics running straight to the word “pop”, Em and Rihanna cast a much darker shadow with their lyrics. While “The Monster” may be a track you nod your head to, listen closer to the lyrics as Marshall reveals some of the craziness he deals with within himself everyday.

Listen to “The Monster” below.


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